A good cast iron skillet is an absolute necessity in everybody’s kitchen, whether you plan on using it indoors or out at the campsite, over a roaring campfire. And if you do the latter often, you’re probably familiar with just how heavy they can really be. you really need to look into some cast iron cookware from the Field Company. The Field Company has made it their mission to introduce lighter, more wieldy cookware, and their main offering, the Field Skillet, hasn’t failed yet.

It’s made from a blend of new and recycled iron, cast into a perfectly refined, ergonomic skillet that weighs 25-50% less than other cast iron brands. The No10 model comes in at 6 pounds, while the No8 at an even more wieldy 4.5 pounds. They use a special machining method that makes it far smoother than regular cast iron, resulting in a naturally non-stick cooking surface that creates perfectly browned, crispy cooking. It works on all cooktops, whether gas, electric, induction stove, or even right on top of a campfire, so you have no excuses not to use it. Ever. It’s pre-seasoned and made in the USA.

The Field Company is confident enough in their products, that they back them up with a lifetime warranty. A cast-iron pan is a lifetime investment anyway, so you’ll be cooking with this for a long, long time. Whatever you want to make – charred steaks, chicken, pan pizza – and wherever you want to make it, the Field Skillet will get the job done, without weighing you down. That can make all the difference.

Buy - $135.00
Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_front Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_pan Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_closeup Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_handle Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_chicken Field-Company-Cast-Iron-Skillet_egg