Campers and RV’s are cool, but they’re big and bulky. Those old VW vans are cool too, but they’re not really what we’d want to be taking on outdoor camping trips across the desert and into the mountains. No, if we had to pick one, we’d rather reach for the Fiat Ducato Camper – the classic Italian automaker’s offering for the camping world. Built from their trusty Ducato – the commercial van of choice in Europe – this van is fully outfitted and equipped for long, sometimes rugged trips. It comes in your choice of 3 wheelbases, 4 lengths, and  3 heights. This gives you 8 choices of interior volume, so you can choose just as big and spacious or smaller and compact as you need, and the square interior shape lets you maximize all this space. The wheels are specially designed for a full camper, and Fiat boasts of its easy, smooth handling and turning radius – like driving your favorite mini on the road, but in camper form. They’ve given it a special chassis, too, that is lower for easier access, and designed for living out of.

On the inside, you’ve got all the comforts you could need – Bluetooth, Uconnect radio, Navigation with IQ routes. The seats are the ultra-luxurious Captain chairs, which look more like they belong in a cockpit or corner office than a camper, with double armrests, cushy leather and the ability to pivot 180 degrees – and slide towards the back. There’s the gamut of safety options, like Electronic Stability Control, which helps minimize the risk of rolling over. There’s even Traffic Sign Recognition, High Beam Recognition, and a Rain and Dusk Sensor. It’s all powered by a Euro 6 engine, available in 115, 130, 150 and 180 horsepower configurations. You can also choose between regular manual and 6-speed robotized gearboxes.

The Ducato Camper is a uniquely European camper for cruising and vacations, the ultimate choice in for stylish camping, and definitely a luxurious break from a lot of other campers. Word is still out on whether we’ll ever see them stateside, but here’s hoping.


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