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The Ferno Grill and Firewheel Are The Beast Of A Gas Grill We All Need

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If you’ve got $4,800 to spend on a gas grill for those outdoor barbecue adventures this summer, we suggest plopping it down on the Ferno Grill.

Gas grilling may not offer the same kind of natural smoky flavor as a charcoal or wood grill, but it makes for a much more intense, customizable and convenient grilling experience. But you know what the one big problem with gas grills is? You can’t adjust the height of the burner, changing the distance between the food and the heat source. You’re kind of stuck with one setting.

Firewheel: Innovative Solution + Tons of OptionsFerno Grill Firewheel Banner 2

It took the folks at Ferno Grills several years and 8 prototypes, but thanks to their new invention – the Firewheel – you can now quickly and easily adjust the height of the burners just by cranking the wheel. This opens a whole new world of options.

By moving the burners further away from the food, you can roast large cuts (like chickens or roast) slowly and methodically – all the way through. That’s without drying out the outer parts of the meat or cooking it just a little too much. Crank them up when you need to sear the exterior of the roast, or when you feel like cooking up some sweet steaks and burgers.

To increase searing power, Ferno Grills even opted for cast iron grates. Cast irons which hold and distribute heat more evenly and intensely than stainless steel. They also create some epic grill marks all over your food.

Durable + High Tech Build and Design

Ferno Grill Firewheel Banner 2Calling this grill a beast is an understatement. The body is built entirely solid 304 stainless steel and aluminum. This also means it’s a gorgeous sight to behold. The cooking area is generous, with enough room for 6 tri-tips, two turkeys or 24 chicken breasts (damn). The hood is the same size and shape throughout, so you can fit food evenly throughout the entire grill. The cast iron grates weigh a whopping 50 pounds all by themselves.

The three burners put out a whopping 36,000 BTU all together, there is 90 lumens are LED light built in, and an automatic LED shutoff when the door is closed. The lid is insulated with .5” of ceramic wool for an efficient, beastly-hot cooking experience.

The cool tech specs keep piling up with this bad boy of a gas grill, but we’ll keep it simple: If you take your grilling seriously, and can spend 5 grand on accouterments, nothing can hold a candle the Ferno Grill and the Firewheel. Heck, they can’t even hold a burner to them.

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