Tactical Pens often seem more gimmick or luxury than useful tool, but properly done, they can be essential tools for a variety of important tasks. They can trace their origin back to the Kubotan, originally designed in the 1970’s, and have evolved into EDC multi-tools designed for both everyday function and self-defense. They function as stabbing or jabbing tools when you are attacked, but also can also be used for breaking glass and other objects in life-or-death or tactical situations. This is all on top of their ability to write just like any other pen. A good pick for one? The Fenix T5.

The Fenix T5 tac pen features a body of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, which means it’s light enough for carrying around in your pocket every day, but also strong and durable enough for virtually any use you can throw at it. It’s been CNC machined with a one-piece build, and on the end sits a Tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel, which is hard enough for both self-defense and breaking glass. Tungsteel steel is an alloy of tungsten and iron, and in the case of the T5, has a Rockwell hardness of 89~92.5HRA.

These tactical uses are complemented by a much more mundane everyday tool – a pen tip with Schmidt refill cartridge, so you can jot down notes (and brilliant ideas that pop into your head) throughout the day, do paperwork, sign checks – whatever purpose you would use a tactical pen for anyway.

At about $25, the Fenix T5 is a good steal for a tactical pen. And considering Fenix’s reputation, you can definitely count on it to have your back for years to come. If you aren’t sold on its utility, remember: you can write with a tactical pen, but you can’t protect yourself in the same manner with a regular everyday pen.

You can grab one here.

Fenix T5 Pen 2 Fenix T5 Pen 2