Key Features of the LED Flashlight:

  • Maximum output of 1200 Lumens
  • UVC Lighting for Close Range Disinfection
  • Compact Body Design
  • Water Resistant

Yes, Fenix has produced the dual-purpose Fenix LD32 UVC Disinfector LED Flashlight: you get a maximum 1200-lumen output AND an amazing UVC light for disinfection. Who isn’t thinking of “killing germs” today? This flashlight is premiere.

Fenix is known for their award-winning LED lighting products. Fenix lights are for those desiring high-end, reliable products–from law enforcement, military, first responders, industrial workers, to lighting enthusiasts. Now added to their line up is an LED flashlight that includes a high-powered ultraviolet UVC light that can disinfect the most common bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds, making it perfect for close-range disinfection. Do we need to explain the application of the UVC feature? I don’t think so. We are all probably teetering on the edge of being “germaphobic.” We think this is pure genius so we are ordering one and will flip it out the next time we need to grab that door knob. Also, what about our nasty phones?

Now for the basic features. The Fenix LD32 UVC Light should be your go-to everyday carry flashlight today.

Output Features

The LD32 flashlight has four lighting outputs from 1200 lumens on turbo to 15 lumens on low. The 144 maximum run time will allow you extended performance in times when you are away from a recharging source. When bumped up to turbo mode, you can light up your area up to 557 feet. A fifth output mode is a powerful 1200-lumen strobe. The strobe feature is designed for safety, whether you need emergency notification for assistance or you need to “stun” someone who demonstrates a threat to your safety. All these features are easily accessed with a simple button.

The UVC output mode can disinfect most common bacteria and viruses in just tens of seconds. Because UVC lighting can be dangerous if not used properly, Fenix designed that output accessible through several simultaneous actions. Measures are in place for the safe operation of this feature. Of course, it is up to the operator to use the feature wisely.

Flashlight Construction

You can always count on quality construction with a Fenix LED flashlight product. The LD32 is constructed from a high-grade A6061-T6 aluminum body. The mode buttons are metal for high-use activity. Internal springs and electronics are designed to withstand a drop height of 5 feet. the IP68 rating protects your light against dust and foreign objects as well as allows the light to handle wet situations–even continued operation if submersed in water 7 feet up to 30 minutes.

Power Source

The LD32 ships with an included 3500mAh rechargeable battery which can be recharged within the body of the flashlight via the micro USB port and included cable. The mode button on the light allows you to check the battery charge level. If you need extended battery life because you will be away from a charging source, extra batteries can be purchased.

Should You Purchase It

Unequivocally yes! First, we all should have a reliable light with us at all times. You never know when you will need to locate something in the dark or illuminate an area that is potentially dangerous. The Fenix LD32 is the perfect everyday-carry size. Second, disinfecting contaminated surfaces is paramount today. So you can bet we will include this light in our personal gear inventory. Fenix lights carry an unbelievable 5-year warranty so you can expect many years of reliable use. We highly recommend you visit Fenix Store and place your order today.