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Fenix Flashlights: The Best Black Friday Promos for Gear Geeks

Deals, deals, and more deals! That’s what Black Friday is about, and we’ve done some scouting around for some of the best sales out there–we found one to share with you and it involves Fenix Flashlights. You will want to go to Fenix Store to start your Black Friday shopping. If you’ve been looking for a new LED flashlight or need a gift for a flashlight enthusiast, you need to check out these Fenix flashlight Black Friday deals.

Ultra Bright LED Flashlight Promo

Fenix produces durable, rugged LED flashlights perfect for EDC and outdoors. The PD36R rechargeable flashlight emits 1600 lumens to illuminate a maximum of 928 feet. It’s also a USB Type-C rechargeable flashlight so you don’t really need to worry about changing out batteries to replace them. It has an easy user interface that anyone can learn quickly. The aircraft-grade aluminum body gives it an attractive, sleek look. It’s a great gift for you or someone else, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor flashlight.

So where does Black Friday come in? Right now if you buy the PD36R, you get a free Fenix E01 V2.0 flashlight. This is a nifty little keychain flashlight that delivers 100 lumens and is durable enough to carry with you everywhere. If you’re not into carrying a flashlight in your pocket, the E01 can be carried as a perfect keychain flashlight. It’s great that Fenix-Store offers an E01 V2.0 with your purchase of a PD36R because you’ll have a handheld flashlight and a small EDC keychain light. Two awesome flashlights in one purchase. Check out the Fenix PD36R Black Friday Promo.

Sturdy LED Headlamp Promo

If you’re looking for a headlamp, Fenix-Store has a promo for that too. The Fenix HM65R rechargeable headlamp delivers 1400 lumens and has both a spotlight and a floodlight feature. It’s extremely durable with its lightweight magnesium body and has handy features such as a 60° tilt. This allows you can to control the angle of the light to project exactly where you need. It’s also USB Type-C rechargeable which is a handy feature to have with any of your electronics. Headlamps are great for indoor or outdoor use. Many people prefer headlamps because you have use of both hands with a headlamp as opposed to a handheld flashlight where only one hand is available to use.

Just like with the PD36R, the HM65R also comes with a free Fenix E01 V2.0 flashlight. So with this deal you get a headlamp and you get a keychain light all for the price of one light. Check out the Fenix HM65R Black Friday Promo.

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