Father’s Day is June 19, and we are thinking about NO ties, socks, or dress shirts. Let’s have some fun this year by gifting that special dad with something “out of the ordinary”! Here are some of our top picks that are sure to make your dad realize you put some thought into his gift this year.

Baseball Park Map Glasses – Set of 2

Father's Day Braves Whiskey GlassesIs your Dad a die-hard baseball fan? Will he fight you to the end to support his team, even if they haven’t had a winning season in years? This would be a good time to honor his dedication to the team (and you) with a set of Baseball Park Map Glasses. Each set of two whiskey glasses features a map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team’s two main colors. Many teams to choose from. Make Dad proud!

Pistachio Pedestal

Pistachio Pedestal Father's DayIt seems as though pistachios or sunflower seeds are a guy thing. With both, the problem with discarding the seeds is an issue when game day is on. Problem solved. The Pistachio Pedestal is functional as well as attractive. This solid wood pistachio server is designed to offer an elegant solution for storing discarded shells. Our recommendation is throw in a bag of pistachios when you give him this gift. Then the party can begin.

Fenix PD25 LED Flashlight + 1 ARB-L16-700U 16340 Battery

Fenix PD25 LED Flashlight Father's DayWhat person doesn’t need a high-powered, compact flashlight that can be slipped into a pocket for everyday use? The Fenix PD25 LED Flashlight 700-Lumen LED Flashlight will be more appreciated by your Dad with every use. The 3.7-inch size makes it easy to carry; the maximum beam distance of 427 feet makes this a phenomenal piece of machinery. An added bonus is the included rechargeable battery. If your Dad doesn’t have a charger to recharge the included battery, no problem. The flashlight also operates with one non-rechargeable CR123 battery.  So whether Pops needs a light to handle chores around the house or a light for use outside while walking the dog, the Fenix PD25 will soon become his go-to EDC item.

Printworks Classic Dominos

Printworks Classic Dominos Father's DayDo you have this image in your head? Old men sitting around a broken down table playing dominos. Hey, they worked many years to be afforded that opportunity. If your Dad isn’t there yet, gift him the Printworks Class Dominos set and challenge him to sharpen his skills before he reaches the sit-around-the-table age. Who knows, he may teach you a few things.

Darn Tough Captain Stripe Micro Crew Cushion Sock

Captain Stripe Micro Crew Cushion Sock Father's DayWell, these may be our #1 pick for Father’s Day. Yes, cool, crazy socks are the craze today. Darn Tough is a Northfield, Vermont factory that’s still family owned and operated three generations. Dad will be proud your bought “American Made.” High-density cushioning on the boot base and shin provides comfort and fit with the perfect bounce. Be sure to point out to him the Captain Stripe Micro Crew Cushion Sock is backed up by their no-strings-attached lifetime warranty. Pops will consider himself Captain America.

Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle
Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle Father's Day

This is a really cool, unique gift. Who doesn’t love Frank Lloyd Wright’s story and works. The Frank Lloyd Wright Double-Sided Puzzle consists of two puzzling pictures of either Fallingwater or the Guggenheim Museum. The 500-piece puzzle finished size is 20″ by 20″. Now the challenge is for Dad to decide which piece side goes with the picture he is working on. Challenge him–give him ten hours to complete it. Then pass it on to you to extend the competition. Up with the “old people”!

Musical SpoonMusical Spoon Father's Day

This may not bring back his memories of being a Beatles fan, but it will bring out the musical side of his personality. The Musical Spoon is made from the finest Canadian maple which is sure to spread ear-pleasing tones. You can always tell him there are many You Tube videos to help with his skills. Then enclose a note in the box that lets him know he going to be performing at the yearly family Christmas Party.  A fun find for newbies and professional musicians alike.

Zootility WildCard Pocket ToolWildCard Pocket Tool Father's Day

How about a pocket tool the size of a credit card AND made right here in Portland, Oregon? The Wildcard Pocket Tool is 6 tools and a knife–easily carried in a wallet. Just remove the blade, and it becomes TSA compliant. We are pretty sure your Dad doesn’t have this tool. So tell him you got him a knife, screwdrivers, a pry-bar, and bottle opener then watch his disappointed face. Once you hand him the Wildcard Pocket Tool, he will be all smiles.

Leather Can Sleeve

Leather Can Sleeve Fathers Day
The Oowee Leather Can Sleeve is another Made in the USA product your Dad will love. The custom leather sleeve keeps a can of beer or soda cool and hands drip-free in the best looking (and well-made) way possible. The Sleeve is made from recycled boot leather and is hand-sewn and branded with a custom design that will never rub off or fade. Choose from several designs. And just like your Pop, the sleeve will age gracefully.

Fenix CL26R High Performance Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Fenix CL20R LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Father's DayThis little lantern is extremely versatile. Your Dad may smile when he first sees it; however, once he finds all the uses for it, the Fenix CL20R Rechargeable Lantern will be close by him at all times. This little 4-inch tall by 2-inch wide cylinder lantern puts out an amazing 300 Lumens! The beauty of the lantern is you can hang it OR attach it to a metallic surface using the magnetic base of the lantern. So whether Dad is under the hood of an auto or under the sink fixing plumbing, the lantern can be placed perfectly for hands-free illumination. The included red solid or red flashing light is perfect for emergency signaling. This feature makes it a popular camping or automobile accessory. Finally, it is rechargeable…pure genius.