Faherty Brand started in 2013, when twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty decided to combine their experiences designing for Ralph Lauren and working in private equity, respectively, and start a brand that captured their love for the beach – where they spent most of their free time growing up. They wanted to make surf and beach style clothing, such as swimsuits, that were high-quality, but stylish and casual at the same time. And so Faherty Brand was born.

After starting with swimsuits, the Faherty Brand moved onto all different kinds of apparel, from shirt jackets to casual button shirts, to our favorite – Surf Ponchos.

The Pacific Poncho is styled like the classic poncho – think Clint Eastwood. You might also see the style called Baja sweaters or Baja Ponchos (Faherty sells those as separate products) but you’re definitely familiar with it.  They’ve got a cool print that should evoke the Southwest, and a slim fit. Each poncho is woven from a cool, brushed 100% cotton for soft feel and comfy fit, with chambray detailing that adds some flair. The buttons are quality carved wood, and there is the traditional kangaroo pocket you expect from a poncho.

Our color? Topeka Rail, but it comes in a few different, awesome styles. This poncho is ideal for days by the beach, whether you’re surfing or just lounging around the bonfire with some beers.

The brand is also doing some cool things with production; using only sustainable fabrics, hand-sewing everything, and even making some of their swimwear right here in the USA (the Pacific Poncho is not, however). And the brothers’ story is pretty cool, too, so check it out if you’re interested.

Casual, stylish, high-quality. What else could you want in some surf clothes?

Buy - $188.00
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