Main features of EXOTAC titanLIGHT lighter:

  • Durable, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Waterproof O-ring seals
  • High-spark flint wheel
  • Evaporation-proof construction
  • Effortless flint replacement
  • Zippo-style opening
  • Refillable lighter fluid
  • Made in the USA; Lifetime warranty

A dependable lighter is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or avid camper. Yet, it can be tricky to choose the ideal lighter or fire starter, given the vast range of options on the market.

So, to help with this problem, we scoured the web and tested dozens of models. It turned out that the award-winning Exotac titanLIGHT Lighter is among the best fire starters in 2022.

Sounds impressive? Well, it is, and here’s why.


Before we dive deeper into the features and qualities of the cool-looking titanLIGHT lighter, we should say a few words about Exotac. After all, this Georgia-based American brand has been around since 2010, still ranking among the new kids on the block.

Like many US companies, Exotac had humble beginnings, with the story starting in the founder’s basement. Nowadays, this manufacturer of premium everyday carry products offers a diverse portfolio and sells goods globally.


As they say, the best lighter is the one that starts the fire when you need it the most. For that reason, it’s essential to find a model suitable for your preferences and lifestyle. By considering the following aspects, you should be closer to making an informed decision and buying a top-quality fire starter.


Primarily, check the dimensions and weight to see if the new lighter will fit comfortably into your pocket or an EDC pouch. On the other hand, the device should not be too small to affect usability and functionality. Thus, finding the sweet spot between compactness and ease of use is crucial.


A universal rule for buying survival gear or outdoor equipment is to check the materials and the overall sturdiness. Of course, the goal is to find tools and gadgets with the most durable components to survive years of wear and tear. For instance, your new fire starter should be rugged and resilient, with no flimsy or squeaky elements.


As we all know, most outdoor gadgets are flexible and multi-practical. The same goes for lighters and fire starters, which often come in a combo with several other tools. Therefore, check this aspect before purchasing and see if the lighter is waterproof and abrasion-resistant.


Last but not least, look at the price tags and compare multiple models before splashing the cash. Admittedly, outdoor lighters are not the most expensive investments in our lives, but why not avoid overpaying? So, check online reviews and other sources to find a model offering the best price to value ratio.


In a way, the name is self-explanatory, meaning that the dependable titanLIGHT strives to be robust and dominant like a titan. Namely, this fire starter is among the sturdiest lighters in 2022, ideal for outdoor adventures.

Moreover, Exotac is famous for manufacturing premium-quality products, and the award-winning titanLIGHT is no exception. Yes, it comes at a relatively higher price, but if you want the best survivalist gear in your bug-out bag, this waterproof lighter will be worth it.


The first thing we noticed about the Exotac titanLIGHT is the pocket-friendly design. More precisely, this model weighs less than two ounces, with a cylindrical shape and a 1-inch diameter.

Even though the ultra-lightweight fire starters weigh less than an ounce, the travel-ready titanLIGHT will not be a burden. On the contrary, it will fit into any pocket or an EDC bag, allowing you to have a dependable lighter by your side in every situation.

Speaking of mobility, we should also mention the convenient lanyard hole in the top of the device. This neat detail also boosts the points for portability because it allows you to keep the fire starter secured and connected to your backpack or other gear. Of course, our tip would be to double-check the screw cap before letting titanLIGHT hang freely.


We already mentioned the importance of high-quality materials, and the guys over at Exotac are also aware of this aspect. For instance, they opted for aircraft-grade aluminum when designing the durable titanLIGHT lighter.

The machined aluminum provides the cylindrical body with more than enough sturdiness while keeping the overall weight as low as possible. In addition, Exotac didn’t compromise regarding the quality of the flint wheel or any other component.

We should also add that Exotac offers several color options for the eye-catching titanLIGHT. Many users opt for the bright orange version because it provides maximum visibility in the outdoor environment. Conversely, hunters or anyone in the military field will most likely go for the olive-colored version of this fire starter.


The traditional Zippo-style lighters have a notable flaw: the fuel they use evaporates after a while. Likewise, most models can’t handle moisture, becoming practically useless during the cold, rainy days when you need a warm campfire.

So, you’ll be glad to hear that Exotac titanLIGHT comes equipped with a rubber O-ring on each cap. These elements prevent water from penetrating the interior. At the same time, they stop the lighter fluid from evaporating.

We also noticed that Exotac titanLIGHT features a patented 1-Revolution cap for effortless opening and closing. In addition, this model comes equipped with a flame guard to protect the spark from wind gusts and disturbances. Moreover, the tiny slits on the actual aluminum guard will provide sufficient airflow to start a fire with no hassle.


If you are in the market for a heavy-duty, waterproof lighter for your EDC bag, the innovative Exotac titanLIGHT could be an ideal choice. From what we’ve seen during our titanLIGHT review, this fire starter is worth every penny.

Although it costs more than most lighters out there, it offers unrivaled qualities and provides outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of valuable features.