We humans have always had a special connection with tools. From our earliest and most primitive days, we have found a way of making life easier and more convenient by making simple tools that went a long way towards keeping us alive and allowing us to thrive as a species.

Whether its arrowheads made form chipped rock or placing metal blades on the ends of long sticks to make spears, or if it’s using two sticks to rub against each other and make fire, the point is tools are engraved in our DNA and we simply cannot do without them.

The term Every Day Carry Gear or EDC simply refers to the basic necessities that we require as we go about our lives. You could say your keys, Smartphone and ATM are a form of EDC because you take then with you every day.

When it comes to rifle hunting and spending time in the great outdoors, the concept is the same. There are those essentials that are a must have every time you go out on a hunt. EDC gear is based around a simple concept of portability, compactness and lightweight. You need to carry only that which you feel you cannot do without.

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Every Day Carry and Hunting

To bring down game, you only need a rifle loaded with ammo. But hunting is so much more than carrying a loaded gun. You have the environment and terrain to deal with not to mention being exposed to the elements. Not only that, being out in the wild country means that you run the risk of encounters with dangerous animals.

To be a good and well equipped hunter, there are a few basic equipments that you will need to have with you when you go out rifle hunting. These are:

1. First-Aid-Kit

A first-aid kit is something that you cannot afford to leave your cabin without. You might not always need it and you might even go for years without the need to use it, but someday you survival might very well depend on it.

Before leaving, check your first-aid-kit and ensure that everything is there.

2. Compass

Yes you can have your Smartphone with you. It probably has GPS which you can use to pin point your exact location. But who’s got your back when the battery runs out? I’ll tell you who, a compass. They do not need charge to work. Whether you are covered by a thick canopy or the satellites decide to take a day off, your compass will keep on working.

3. Take Down Cleaning Rod

Sometimes your rifle doesn’t work flawlessly. Sticks and other forms of debris may be stuck in the barrel. A cartridge might also get stuck and you will need a way to take these out. A take down cleaning rod of the right size and diameter will help you keep your rifle in firing condition. Without it your only other option when stuck in the woods is to use a stick. Finding one that is the right length and shape could be next to impossible. Check this guide to learn how to choose the right cleaning rod.

4. Fire Lighting Equipment

These could either be matchboxes or a spark lighter. When out hunting, it’s not unusual to find yourself caught out during odd hours. You might be a long distance from home and a fire will keep you warm when its gets cold. The two options above will work well when there is no moisture in the atmosphere, but carrying compact butane lighter will help you light a fire in any temperature.

5. Swiss Army Knife

There are a few things that could compete with the versatility offered by a Swiss army knife. From having a small saw, to scissors to all sorts of blades, it’s no wonder this knife has stood the test of time. There are very few problems that won’t find solutions with the Swiss army knife.

6. Flashlights

As in more than just a single flashlight. Chances are always there that a single flashlight will give up on you at the worst possible time. Having two or three as back up will keep you going.

Imagine having no light when you’ve tracked your quarry through the dark hours only to lose track of it due to a lack of visibility. Another must have for great adventurous hunting trips is a night vision scope. You can visit this site if you are looking for the BEST NIGHT VISION SCOPE.

7. Rubber Gloves

A hunter will relish the sight of deer blood on his hands. It makes the whole hunting experience worthwhile. However, things start to get complicated once you get blood on a cut. Infection can quickly set in.

A good pair of rubber gloves can protect you from getting cuts and in case you do, you will be able to keep out the dirt as well as other things that could cause infection. 

Benefits of Every Day Carry while Rifle Hunting

The advantages of every day carry while rifle hunting will give you an edge over any hunter that only carries his weapons. While you will not always need to use some of the gear, when situations arise that require them you will always be equipped. Such advantages include:

1. Increased Efficiency

When you are out in the woods, having extra equipment that is also lightweight improves your functionality. In other words, you are able to do more with less. Whether it’s moving in the dark with the help of a flashlight or roasting rabbit as you wait for your prize buck, there is little doubt that the hunter’s life is simplified.

2. You will Need Little Help

Without some gear, you will often find yourself seeking help form a fellow hunter. Being equipped however means that you can do plenty of things on your own. You are also able to do many different functions with a single tool.

3. Convenience

Why carry many different tools that are designed for specific functions while you can carry a few that can do many different functions. You will not have to worry about carrying unnecessary weight when going out hunting. For example, a pocket knife can help in gutting the dear while also proving helpful in cutting down branches to light a fire.


The amount of equipment out there can give you the impression that to be a successful rifle hunter, you need a separate tool for each task. This will only serve to slow you down. By taking advantage of the concept of every day carry, you become more efficient and hunting becomes more fun.

Guest Submission by Eric Andrew