As much as we like to look good when we step out of the house, we can admit that sometimes…it takes a lot of work. Keeping clothes looking new and fresh takes time and effort. Cheap clothes wear out quickly, too (which is why we always recommend reaching for something a bit nicer and longer lasting). It appears that Everlane gets this, because they just recently unveiled a new 12-piece clothing line intended for reliable everyday wear and dubbed the Uniform collection.

Classic “Uniform” Style

Everlane Uniform Collection Performance Jeans

The idea behind the Uniform collection is that these 12 pieces of classic clothing serve as just that – a uniform. They’re basic pieces, but ones you can come back to time and time again; we’re talking white, heavy cotton t-shirts, super-soft but durable Oxford shirts, and the incredibly versatile Bomber jacket. There’s Performance Chinos, Performance Jeans, a classic Denim trucker’s jacket, and a downright simple cotton hoodie. Other everyday staples like a regular cotton sweatshirt and yes, boxer briefs, round out the ensemble.

Put Through The Ringer

The idea behind Everlane’s Uniform collection, however, isn’t just to be classic. It’s also to be ultra-reliable. That’s why they designed, built and tested all 12 pieces to stand up to (according to their own website) a “full year of heavy wear and washing.” That’s after they went through something like 11 quality tests for shrinkage, color fading, and pilling, among other things. They must have liked what they save, because they’ve entrusted each piece a 365-day Guarantee. If anything happens to any of the items in the collection within those 365 days, from a tear to any frayed seams, Everlane replace it on the house.

That’s the kind of guarantee we like – and for the price, we certainly wouldn’t complain about picking up some of the items in the Uniform Collection.

So what do you think? Is it worth investing in all 12 parts of the collection and wearing them day-in, day-out? We don’t know…but we do think that technical denim and that French Terry Hoodie look pretty dope. And if you go ahead and assemble an entire lineup of these clothes, you’ll never need to worry about “putting an outfit together.” All the pieces work together to create a classically cool and rugged American aesthetic.