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The Everdure 4k is the Smart Smoker We Deserve – But Can’t Really Afford

Everdure 4k Smoker Black Feature

Smoking meat is one of life’s greatest pleasures – a fun, almost romantic ritual that is not only the perfect way to spend an afternoon (or entire day, or heck, two days), but also produces some of the most delectable, juiciest, tender food possible. And while it’s certainly possible to make some good BBQ with nothing more than a charcoal or gas grill, or even an old drum barrel, some of us take it seriously to consider investing the Ferrari of smokers – the Everdure 4k.

The Everdure 4k is so named because it’s been “4000 years in the making.” How so? It’s inspired by the art of Kamodo cooking, which has a 4000-year history in Japan, and brings the shape and method of a Kamodo smoker to a serious, smart, high-tech machine. It was created by Michelin-star chef Heston Blumenthal (of The Fat Duck in England) in conjunction with Everdure, and it’s an epic collaboration.

What makes it so good? Apart from the bombproof construction – made of diecast aluminum and thick gauge metal, sealed and insulated – it’s got virtually every feature you could think of to make grilling and smoking easier and produce the best results, including a touch glass display, smartphone integration, 6 temperature probes (2 in the hood, and 4 for sticking in the meat) for accurate temperature readings. Temps are displayed on the LED readout and on your phone via Bluetooth app, and you can set your own configuration of alerts to keep an eye on food during long smokes.

You get 2 matte enamel grills and 2 stainless steel grills to choose from, as well as a cordierite pizza stone, and a water container and internal light. An electric Fast Flame ignition quickly ignites the charcoal for easy startup, there’s an electric oven mode for regular convection cooking, and an auto-locking hood. Charcoal is easily refilled from the side.

So it is just for smoking food? Nope – the Everdure 4k can handle an assortment of food and cooking options, from traditional grilling to baking and pizza. In fact, it can cook a perfect pizza (in the wood-fired tradition) in about 1 minute.

So if grilling and smoking food is really that exciting to you, and you think you’ll get your money’s worth, this is the next best thing to actually knowing what you’re doing – or to having a celebriy chef cook for you. The Everdure 4k starts at $2699.

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