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Skincare For Life On The Go? Try Ernest Supplies

Ernest Supplies Skincare Bottles

Tired of cheap shaving creams and moisturizers from the drug store that don’t work, with bottles too heavy to throw in your gym bag or too large to take on the plane? Try Ernest Supplies.

What many people don’t always realize is that many of the most popular products out there aren’t very good for you. Many moisturizers and face washes contain things like parabens and BHA – which aren’t gonna kill you , but aren’t great for you over the long run, either.

Many aftershaves counterintuitively contain alcohols or other ingredients that can actually dry out your skin after repeated use . . .what’s up with that?

Ernest Supplies, on the other hand, creates awesome skincare products using plant-based ingredients, that promise to rejuvenate your face and leave you feeling fresh – not dried out and covered in gross substances.

But best of all, their most essential products – shave cream, soap-free face wash, and moisturizer – all come in these legit, crushable flask-style bottles. These bottles are designed to protect the ingredients from UV light and air – so they last longer and effectively do their job for longer – while also fitting comfortably into your gym bag, rucksack or even suitcase. They’re even TSA-friendly. That way, you can bring their products with you anywhere you go, letting them work with your active life and not against it.

We admit, they’re more expensive than you may want to dish out for some moisturizer. But for those constantly on the go who don’t like lugging around bottles and tins, they’ll keep you looking fresh with maximum convenience.

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