What’s to like about Epperson Mountaineering Medium Climb Pack:

  • Inspired by rock climbing rope bags
  • 1000 CORDURA nylon with DWR coating
  • A dependable carabinier closure
  • Sturdy YKK zippers with drawcord pull
  • An interior laptop sleeve
  • 2x external side pockets
  • Breathable, padded shoulder straps

Modern climb packs can do more than battle the cliff sides, and the top-rated models will handle other duties without problems, including bike commutes or laptop-carrying tasks. Yet, finding the best climb pack in 2022 can be easier said than done, especially for the uninitiated.

So, we consulted the experts, looking for reliable and honest recommendations. They revealed a well-kept secret: the classic-looking Epperson Mountaineering Medium Climb Pack is a safe bet for aspiring climbers or hikers.


Founded in 1973, Epperson Mountaineering began as a one-person operation growing into a recognizable boutique brand built upon functional designs and uncompromised quality. Moreover, Mark Epperson started the company with a mission to create high-quality backpacks, and his Montana-based enterprise still follows the same dream.

Epperson Mountaineering offers various products, including day packs, shoulder bags, duffle bags, fanny packs, and sling packs. In other words, gear-hauling duties and outdoor adventures are areas where Epperson Mountaineering feels at home. Of course, the American brand uses the best components and advanced manufacturing techniques to justify the made-in-the-USA badge.


The best climbing packs will let you stay fast and light for alpine missions, offering comfort, organization, and convenience at the crag. Therefore, every aspiring climber should take the time to consider the following aspects and separate the best packs for climbing from the rest. –


Although climbing backpacks primarily focus on organization and functionality, checking the overall build quality before purchasing is essential. Of course, alpine-specific packs feature various materials, depending on the backpack’s type, but lightweight, water-resistant fabrics are an industry standard.


Since backpacks for climbing, hiking, and other outdoor excursions come in various shapes and sizes, buyers must also check the dimensions chart before splashing the cash. Namely, look at the carrying capacity to find a model that will carry your gear and equipment without problems. Most climbing packs will accommodate heavy loads but double-check this element.


Alpine-style gear and accessories must provide maximum functionality and ease of use because there’s no time to waste once you head out of the camp and start the adventure. Most importantly, your new climbing pack should offer effortless opening and closing, with plenty of storage options. In addition, look for gear attachment points.


No climbing backpack is perfect, and they all have pros and cons. Thus, the goal is to find the ones offering the best price-to-value ratio. The most expensive climbing packs are not necessarily the best, so compare various options to find the ideal models for your climbing style and experience.


Epperson Mountaineering offers this backpack in the Large version, but we feel the Medium model is the most versatile and user-friendly climbing pack in the company’s arsenal. This version balances an excellent hauling capacity, compact shape, and functional features.

Another thing we liked was the colorful, retro designs inspired by the 1980s aesthetic. But, of course, there’s more where that came from, so let’s check what else the premium Epperson Mountaineering Medium Climb Pack offers.


Epperson Mountaineering explains on their site that they designed this backpack after the rope bags carried by professional rock climbers. The cylindrical, streamlined shape offers top-notch usability while allowing you to store more gear and accessories inside.

The pack weighs only one pound two ounces, offering a 16-liter capacity. Therefore, the Medium version of the Epperson Mountaineering Climbing Pack is not the most spacious, but it will get the job done on most climbing adventures and hiking excursions.

The well-padded shoulder straps are comfortable and breathable, reducing discomfort. This climbing pack doesn’t have a sternum strap or a hip belt like you would find on oversized camping backpacks. Instead, the no-frills approach dominates the design, making the Epperson Mountaineering Pack an excellent option for pros and recreational climbers.


We mentioned how Epperson Mountaineering has decades of experience in the industry, so it’s not surprising they know a thing or two about designing a high-quality backpack for climbing. For instance, the company opted for DWR-coated 1000-denier CORDURA nylon, a rugged yet flexible water-resistant material.

The durable CORDURA nylon fabric will shield your gear and accessories from splashes and rain, but this climb pack is not submersible or waterproof. Nevertheless, the Epperson Mountaineering Medium Climb Pack offers secure storage protected by the distinct carabiner front closure.

The sturdy carabiner connects the top of the backpack with a belt decorated with multiple holes for attaching your equipment. Of course, stitching on every Epperson Mountaineering product is top-quality, and the same goes for the daisy chain on the Medium Climb Pack.


As we said, backpacks for rock climbing, alpinism, or long-distance hiking must offer various attachment points and versatile storage options. Of course, people over at Epperson Mountaineering know this, so they equipped the Medium Climb Pack with all the goodies.

For example, this climbing backpack has an external compartment on the lid and two external side pockets with snap closures. In addition, you’ll get a seam-sealed laptop sleeve for hassle-free hauling of your favorite device.

We should also mention the easy-to-use YKK zippers with drawcords, making opening and closing the backpack a breeze.


Epperson Mountaineering manufactures around 15 backpacks, ensuring that each model comes with premium quality and artisan craftsmanship. Moreover, the company favors the traditional, crusty, American-style approach to outdoor sports without striving to make their backpacks fashionable.

So, suppose you need a dependable, US-made pack for climbing that will stand the test of time and be your loyal companion on any adventure. In that case, the well-designed Epperson Mountaineering Medium Climb Pack could be the ideal choice.