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You Should Try These Fresh New Energy Bars This Summer

Health Warrior Bars 2

Summer’s here – and with the warm weather comes a more active lifestyle. You’re going to need the convenient and handy snacks of energy bars to stay fueled and fed on the trail and on-the-go. Here are a couple of fun, tasty and good-for-you energy bars we’re eyeing this summer.

Health Warrior

Made from a 100% natural blend of ingredients – including chia seeds, oats and brown rice – Health Warrior Bars are pocket-sized energy bars good for breakfast on the go, refueling on the trail or daily snacking when you just need something quick. Stuffed with nuts and chia seeds, they are also great sources of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron and even a decent amount of protein…while containing a very few grams of sugar.

Flavors include everything from the standby Chocolate Peanut Butter to Acai Berry, Banana Nut and Apple Cinnamon. Even Strawberry Shortcake. Each bar contains about 100 calories, 3g of sugar, and is entirely Gluten-Free, non-GMO and has no dairy.

Sold in packs of 15, Health Warrior bars are pretty cheap, too.

THAT’S IT! BArs: Made From Fruit and Nothing but Fruit

If you like snack bars and eating-on-the-go, but don’t like eating a smorgasbord of sugars, syrups, oats, and who-knows-what-else, as you’ll find in most other energy bars…check out That’s It bars. These healthy, snack-anywhere bars are made from nothing but fruit.

When you pick up a That’s It bar, you’ll see a flavor on the package – like Coconut, Apple + Apricot, Apple + Coconut, etc. When you flip that bar over and look at the ingredients…you’ll find those exact same fruits – and nothing else. Really.

Healthy, simple, delicious. What else could you ask for?

Each That’s It bar packs about 100 calories, most of it from carbs and all-natural sugars. They’re not big and nutritious enough to power you for long days on the trail, necessarily…and they are a little expensive for the amount of food they offer.

But for simple, two-ingredient, all-natural, quick snacks both every day and on the go? You can’t go wrong.

Jesse’s Wake Up! Energy Bars: With Natural Caffeine

Haven’t tried these before. Jesse’s Wake Up! Energy bars contain a natural blend of tea – giving them a natural shot of caffeine to jolt you out of that afternoon drag or jumpstart your morning, complemented by a healthy mix of ingredients that is gluten-free, non-GMO and dairy-free. They only come in one flavor right – dark chocolate – and each bar is said to equal 3 espresso shots worth of caffeine (without the jitters and shakes that come from throwing down those espressos…)

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