Main features of the Emergency Zone Bug-Out Bag:

  • Comprehensive and self-sufficient survival kit
  • Stealthy and inconspicuous bag design
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Food and water rations
  • First aid and hygiene products
  • Overall bag volume: 53L

Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable, and it’s not up to us to decide if they will happen and when. Instead, we can only try to prepare and do our best to survive.

For instance, a dependable bug-out bag full of survival gear and EDC equipment will give you a head start in almost every disaster scenario. So, let’s check the well-received Emergency Zone 2-Person Bug-Out Bag, a multi-use solution to cover all bases.

This pre-built survival kit offers dozens of tools, gadgets, and rations to get you through thick and thin, including a zombie apocalypse. So, let’s check it out.


You’ll have precious seconds to react when disaster strikes. Thus, you don’t want to waste them on collecting tools and food. On the contrary, grabbing a go-to bag and taking care of your loved ones should be the priorities.

Also, pre-packed tactical kits and survival bags provide variety and include gear for various situations. In other words, they have tools and equipment you’d never have within reach in the moments of crisis.


You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper to appreciate the importance of survival kits, tactical gear, or EDC pouches. Then again, finding the best bug-out bag can be challenging, given that online retailers and land-based shops offer plenty of options.

So, to help with this problem, here’s what to look for before purchasing a new kit for survival and tactical preparedness.


First, consider the dimensions and assess how much weight you could carry. Then, look for bug-out bags within those limits regarding dimensions and the overall volume. Of course, almost every tactical bag will feature a space-saving design, allowing you to cram it with tools and goods.



The second aspect to check is the selection of survival tools and protective equipment included in the bug-out bag. Some kits have a specialized approach, such as focusing on a particular terrain or weather. So, double-check the list of everything in the bag to find the one suiting your area and the potential emergency.


Finally, buyers should consider the price. Survival kits come at various price points, depending on how stacked the collection is. Nevertheless, even many wallet-friendly bug-out bags will offer top-drawer protection and sustainability. For instance, the 2-person tactical bug-out bag from the Emergency Zone is one.


If you are not a hardcore doomsday prepper but want to be prepared for emergencies, this bag should be right up your alley. Emergency Zone opted for a balanced approach, filling the backpack with universally used survival gear and EDC equipment.

Most importantly, the 53L rucksack looks like almost any other daypack you’ll see on the streets. Therefore, it will not attract the attention of anyone who did not plan for the disaster or an emergency. The entire package weighs 11.4 kilograms, making it transportable and functional.


There’s plenty to like about the pre-packed Emergency Zone 2-Person Bug-Out Bug, starting with an excellent preparedness for cold weather and rainy days. Namely, the actual backpack features a built-in waterproof covering to keep the supply dry.

On top of that, you’ll get a durable 2-person dome tent, packable and easy to assemble. This survival kit also offers two vinyl ponchos, eight hand warmers, and two HeatStore sleeping bags. So, the Emergency Zone Bug-Out Bag will keep you warm and dry out there in the wild.


A quality survival kit will give you substance for a minimum of a couple of days. The same goes for the well-equipped Emergency Zone Bug-Out Bag because this backpack includes two 3600-kcal food bars. These SOS food rations are US Coast Guard approved, calorie-dense, and require no heating or extra water to rehydrate.

Even with non-thirst-inducing food bars, you’ll need drinking water. This survival backpack features 12x 4.2-ounce water pouches. Plus, you’ll get 10x Chlor-Floc kits for water purification, two 2-liter water bags, and a backpack hydration bladder.


Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornados leave devastation in their wake, including many injured or killed. Thus, it’s crucial to have first aid gear and medical supplies within reach when disaster strikes.

The Emergency Zone 2-Person Bug-Out Bag takes care of these aspects by including a separate 175-piece first-aid kit. Believe it or not, this collection even has a stethoscope! In addition, you’ll find plenty of supplies for hygiene and sanitation in this pre-made survival kit, including toilet paper and a biohazard bag.


Don’t worry if you are not tactically minded and wilderness-oriented; this bag’s got you covered because it comes with an emergency preparedness guidebook.

After learning how everything works, you’ll make the most out of everything in this life-saving backpack. After all, the outdoor-focused Emergency Zone 2-Person Bug-Out Bag features various tools and EDC equipment, such as a compass, multitool pliers, a folding saw, and a 5-in-1 whistle. There’s even a roll of duct tape and a pair of work gloves.


Your chances of survival will significantly increase if you stumble upon like-minded people or get in touch with emergency services and first-responders. For that reason, this tactical bag comes with a dynamo radio flashlight and two light sticks.

A compact LED flashlight is also among the devices included in the self-sufficient Emergency Zone Bug-Out Bag, and the same goes for a whistle built into the sternum strap on the backpack. So, you can send out signals or listen to the radio while looking for help.


COVID-19 showed how unpredictable life could get, and every natural disaster reminds us that staying prepared is not something we should ignore. So, don’t wait before it’s too late. The affordable Emergency Zone 2-Person Bug-Out Bag offers everything you could need, and it comes in a concealed and elegant package.