Main features of Elk Ridge ER-272 Camp Ax:

  • Durable 3CR13 stainless steel
  • Textured satin and black finish
  • A well-balanced full-tang handle
  • Overall length: 10.5 inches
  • Heavy-duty nylon sheath
  • Affordable price

If you are an avid camper, a survivalist, or an outdoor fanatic with a passion for hunting and fishing, a dependable hatchet should be a part of your arsenal. Yet, this can be easier said than done because finding a high-quality ax for camping can be tricky. The market offers so many options, and the abundance of choices can overwhelm even the more experienced users.

To help with this problem, we bring you the award-winning Elk Ridge Cutlery ER-272 Camp Axe. This model has been making waves in the industry for a while. Thus, it was about time we tested the famous ER-272. Here’s what we learned.


If you are unfamiliar with the name, we should first say a few words about Elk Ridge. This New Jersey-based company is an emerging brand focused on manufacturing hunting knives, axes, saws, machetes, and spears.

In other words, Elk Ridge offers a diverse range of razor-sharp blades covering almost every outdoor activity. So, if you need a well-built tool for cutting, splitting, chopping, or slicing, Elk Ridge Cutlery will have you covered.


Since modern hatchets come in various shapes and sizes, new buyers should consider the following elements before purchasing. By checking these aspects, you’ll make an informed decision and separate the best camping axes from the rest.


Although sophisticated technologies replace traditional forging techniques, it doesn’t mean we are getting lower-quality blades. On the contrary, modern hatchets can be as powerful as the legendary weapons from ancient myths. But, of course, the secret lies in checking the materials and looking for the best steel out there.


Despite popular opinion, a camping hatchet is more than the actual blade. The handle has equal importance in the overall efficiency and usability. So, double-check if the handle is well-balanced, lightweight, and ergonomically designed. You won’t do much cutting with hands covered in blisters.


Admittedly, the looks don’t play a crucial role when building an emergency shelter or preparing wood for the campfire. Nonetheless, the aesthetic aspects, primarily related to shape and size, can affect the hatchet’s usability. Therefore, look for camping axes with suitable dimensions to increase efficiency and maximize their chopping power.


Last but not least, we advise glancing at the price tag to avoid overpaying. In essence, the goal is to find hatchets offering the best price to value ratio, such as the Elk Ridge ER-272 camping ax. So, the ideal scenario would be to compare several models and find the one with superior cutting power and an affordable price.


As we already said, Elk Ridge has plenty of experience in making high-end blades and outdoor tools. So, it’s not surprising to see the ER-272 model pushing the limits of what’s possible and raising the camping ax game to new levels.

From what we’ve noticed during the testing phase, this camping ax combines an attractive design with impressive functionality. Hence, you can expect a top-quality cutting experience and maximum enjoyment while handling outdoor tasks.


First, we looked at the blade to check the sharpness of the Elk Ridge Cutlery ER-272 Camp Ax. As it turns out, this model comes with a fine-edge blade coated in a black, satin finish, providing the user with a powerful cutting tool.

More precisely, Elk Ridge Cutlery opted for 3CR13MoV stainless steel, a durable material capable of handling years of wear and tear. Likewise, this hatchet comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath. The well-designed blade covering also exceeded our expectations regarding resilience and durability.


The textured black coating gives the ER-272 model a unique look, separating it from most camping hatchets out there. In addition, the contrasting color of the actual edge makes this hatchet an eye-catching addition to anyone’s camping gear or survival arsenal.

We should also mention the cord-wrapped handle, which boosts the points for aesthetics and ergonomics. The black cord ensures a comfortable grip while adding a touch of style to the Elk Ridge ER-272 camp ax.


Thanks to its one-piece construction and a full-tang blade, the ER-272 hatchet will cut through any wood with no hassle. The 4-inch stainless steel edge is more than capable of splitting small logs, not to mention cutting branches.

As expected, Elk Ridge Cutlery opted for anti-corrosion coating, prolonging the longevity and allowing you to use this camping ax for decades.

The chances are many of you are suspicious about the cord-wrapped handle, but this aspect behaves incredibly well in action. As long as you hold the hatchet firmly, the cord wrap will provide a secure grip at all times. That’s also why the ER-272 model can be an ideal choice for campers when you need a small-sized tool for driving in the tent stakes.


Since we mentioned usability, we should also explain the three attention-grabbing holes in the ax’s head. Of course, these neat details are no accident, and they will help you tighten screws on your car or a motorcycle. Besides the wrench holes, Elk Ridge ER-272 comes equipped with a bottle opener.

Overall, this camp ax offers top-notch convenience because the entire hatchet is around 10 inches long. As such, the lightweight ER-272 ax will fit into any bug-out bag or even in an EDC pouch.


If you need a reliable hatchet for light cutting, splitting, shaping, or chopping, you came to the right place. The versatile Elk Ridge Cutlery ER-272 camp ax is among the best in the business, and it comes at a wallet-friendly price.

Most importantly, this compact hatchet is travel-friendly, and it will be ready at a moment’s notice if a horde of blood-thirsty zombies visits your neighborhood.