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The All-Electric Porsche Motorcycle–In Your Dreams

Porsche 618 Motorcycle - Two Wheels Project

This is what dreams are made of. The all-electric Porsche Motorcycle is just a concept but that won’t keep us from dreaming of this baby on the road. These futuristic motorcycles are teasers that we hope to see go to production at some point.

At some point, they’re going to have to start releasing these futuristic motorcycle concepts, because we’re not sure how many more we can take without actually getting to ride one. Miguel Angel Bahri has recently unveiled the Porsche 618, an electric motorcycle concept that looks like a 911 Turbo you sit on top of rather and inside. Miguel wanted to make an electric concept that could actually be built today, not in the usual decades long delay (or at least what feels like decades). A digital instrument panel sits down to the left of the rider. This panel works with mobile devices to give important information and updates, like range, nearby charging points, and GPS. The bike will also charge your cell phone.

Until Porsche takes some of these concepts to production, we will just continuing admiring and dreaming about ownership.

The All-Electric Porsche Motorcycle–In Your Dreams The All-Electric Porsche Motorcycle–In Your Dreams

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