There are more watches and styles out there than you could reasonably shake a stick at…and trying to wear or collect them all would be an impossible task. As we’ve been trying to point out, however, you really don’t need to spend lots of money in order to get a pretty decent daily watch. At least, not a watch that’s stylish and reliable; drop about as much money as a round of drinks at the bar and you’ll have your pick.

Sure , it won’t be of the same luxury quality and long-term expectations as a more expensive timepiece, but you’ll still have a functional and stylish watch that might surprise you with its reliability.

That’s how we feel about the Timex Weekender. There was little expectation regarding this watch when we first picked it up probably 4 years ago, other than that it had a vintage military style and was dirt cheap. But 4 years of regular use later, it’s still going strong – something that can’t be said about most of its price-range contemporaries.

Rocking The Weekender’s Vintage Vibes


Perhaps the reason the Weekender has held up so well – without even needing to replace the nylon strap – is because it is so dang simple. It’s just a classic watch with a 38mm case, quart analog movement, simple and easy-to-read face with crisp black markings, and a utilitarian nylon watch strap. That watch strap comes in a whole array of colors, as well as in some leather options. We chose a vintage, military, olive green, but the pass-thru design means you can stock up on a few styles of your choice and swap them out anytime.

Timex Weekender 2

The Olive model has a slightly off-white, cream watch face, but other combos have black watch faces, grey, and even blue. The buckles and hardware are all stainless steel.

And again, don’t let this watch’s super-sleek looks and simple vibe fool you; it’s water-resistant down to 30 meters of depth, and has Timex’s Indiglo light-up dial. Just press the knob on the side and the whole face “glows in the dark” – so you can read the time, any time.

Affordable Watch For Everyday Carry

We could go on and on about how much we like the Weekender’s vintage style, but we won’t; we’ll just remind you of how affordable it is – and how it can go with virtually any outfit, from office wear to alongside your favorite outfit. Get a few different straps if that suits you.

No, it’s not a Rolex. It probably won’t last as long as one, either. But for the price, we couldn’t be happier.