Are you burdened that many schools aren’t teaching economics education and civics from a free enterprise viewpoint? When it comes to teaching their children about the enduring principles of freedom, many parents don’t know where to start. However, The Tuttle Twins Series helps you introduce these ideas to your children and have meaningful family discussions about them.

How Can The Tuttle Twin Series BENEFIT a Family?
  • Trusted Economic and Civics Content: Many textbooks are eliminating or “watering down” how America was founded and the principles of our Founding Fathers. The Tuttle Twins Series teaches economic and civics education in an age-appropriate manner. You are able to you introduce these ideas to your children and have meaningful family discussions about them.
  • Designed to Assist a Parent in Presenting the Information: Many parents don’t feel qualified to teach civics education–especially presenting it in an age-appropriate way. No problem! The Tuttle Twins books present the principles in an easy-to-understand, storytelling manner.
  • Children Need These Ideas: To boost our children’s abilities to succeed in life, they should be taught the time-tested principles of a free society.
What Products Are Available?
  • Books for Ages 5 to Preteen: You can buy a 10-set combo of books or you can buy themEconomics Education Tuttle Twins 1 individually. Each book in this series focuses on a different aspect of the principles of a free society: free markets, competition, individual rights, the non-aggression principle, personal responsibility, protectionism, and a variety of other issues—all boiled down to core concepts that children ages 5-10 can easily grasp. The topics use an engaging manner…sure to hold your child’s attention.
  • Books for Teens and Young Adults: Available for Economics Education Tutle Twins 2purchase individually or in a 3-book set. With 24 story endings between the three books, your children or young adults will be able to observe the outcomes of different economic and political situations that Ethan and Emily (book characters)—age 15 in this new book series—encounter and have to figure out.

The creators of this series are spot on! They saw a need for instilling these principles in our children. Remember, our children become voters and we want educated voters who understand and support laws that support our rights and our businesses. Join the half a million people who have ordered these books.