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The Echo 58V Chainsaw Can Handle the Toughest Jobs

Echo Cordless Chainsaw

Need a chainsaw? We can think of a few uses for one. Check out the Echo 58V – an electric 16” chainsaw from legendary Japanese manufacturer Echo. 

Echo 58V: Electric Chainsaw. 2019 Style.

Echo 58V Electric Chainsaw
Credit: Echo

In the past, electric chainsaws were considered vastly inferior to their petrol-powered counterparts. But nowadays, advances in batteries and battery-powered motors mean electric chainsaws are just as efficient and heavy-duty as even the toughest gas-powered models. 

As far as technical specs, the Echo 58V is a 58-volt 4Ah battery powered chainsaw with a 16-inch Oregon 90 chain. It works on a brushless motor and includes an automatic oiler that keeps gears well lubricated. There’s also a mechanical lockout switch, an inertia chain brake that prevents kickback, and a built-in wrench slot that stores tools. It even has a removable tip guard. 

And performance? The Echo 58V works as well as any gas-powered chainsaw. The powerful 4Ah battery puts out enough juice to chew through trees, treated wood, underbrush, and hedges alike. The great balance and design minimize bucking. And even though the 58V may not last as long as a gas-powered chainsaw, it st

Echo 58V Electric Chainsaw 2
Credit: Echo

ill can get 0.5 cuts per watt-hour. Extremely efficient as far as battery-powered chainsaws are concerned. 

Functional Tool

Echo kept ergonomics in mind, too. The handle is wide and flat, with the main trigger sitting flush with the casing, so it’s easy to press and release. The handle has a flexible, durable rubber that prevents slippage when wet. And at 20 pounds, it’s rather light, especially compared to gas-powered chainsaws. 

Long story short, the Echo 58V is a fantastic electric chainsaw that makes a great gift for the handyman in us all. It will easily chew through all the most common wood and brush, and completely eliminates any need for gas. Just charge it up and rip through wood like you’re Paul Bunyan himself. 

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