After riding any of the e-bikes on the market, you will find it hard to go back to the full, “human-powered cycle.” Yes, e-bikes aren’t for everyone; however, even die-hard cyclists are adding e-bikes to their collection. M2S Bikes (Mountains to Sea) is offering the All Terrain R750 on Kickstarter, and it is a beauty. It is not the bike you grew up riding.

M2S is not new to the electric bike market. They identified a gap in their product line and have filled it with a new Kickstarter project. What sets the All Terrain R750 apart from other M2S cycles?

Fat Tire Options
  • The fat tires carry a rugged aluminum alloy frame which has an integrated battery packAll Terrain R750 E-Bikes capable of delivering over 70 miles per charge using pedal assist or around 20 miles on throttle-only mode.
  • The standard 4.5-inch fat tires easily cruise through the toughest terrain. Bumps and holes are handled with ease. Increasing the tires to 29 inches gives you a fast-rolling, efficient experience when on roads and gravel.
Battery Options
  • The Bangfang rear hub motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Depending on the battery option you choose, you can get 30 to 70 miles on a single charge. With best-in-class options like the 750-watt motor and optional 21 amp hour battery, the All Terrain R750 can handle extra long rides All Terrain R750 E-Bikes 2and still have plenty of power to tackle the steepest hills. The state-of-the-art battery technology can throttle you to 28 miles per hour.
New M2S Upgrades
  • Air Suspension Fork with lockout
  • Full color display with USB port
  • Multiple frame sizes
  • New frame design with increased strength and brushed weld finish
  • Improved accessories with upgraded racks, fenders, and lights
  • Four color options
An Amazing Price
  • If you’ve checked out e-bikes, you will find the manufacturers are “proud of their products.” E-bikes can be rather pricey. Because this is a Kickstarter project, you can customize your e-bike All Terrain R750 E-Bikes 3for an amazing deal. Pre-order pricing saves you over $300 on the release price.
  • The Kickstarter deposit is a low $299. Customize your bike to determine your final purchase price. We’ve seen a lot of e-bikes and can honestly tell you, this is an amazing e-bike for an amazing price.

Jump in now. M2S is shooting for a March, 2020, release date. Then let the fun begin!