The way smart devices are proliferating in the world today, it was really was only a matter of time, and we can’t say we’re totally surprised at FENC’s new DynaFeed Smart Shirt. Meant for tracking performance, DynaFeed uses what FENC calls Smart Textile Technology, which improves durability, wash cycles and “resistance to chemical oxidizers” by over 500%. The shirt also represents a partnership between FENC and NeuroSky, a leader in EEG technology, to bring the best in biosensing and tracking to DynaFeed. The comfy shirt is coated in a conducive carbon polymer film that is capable of sensing your heart rate, energy output and other physiological feedback. In other words, this is a high-quality, cutting-edge shirt that tracks your performance and heart-rate with some pretty cool tech.

DynaFeed connects to your smartphone, and uploads and tracks your performance in real-time via the DynaFeed app. It’s got a variety of different features it can track, including weight-lifting tempo, cycling cadence, transition time, heart-rate, making it suitable for everything from walking, running, weighlifting to cycling and sprinting.

We’re not sure exactly what benefit a DynaFeed Smart Shirt can give you that you can’t get from just wearing a regular workout sensor or heart rate monitor, except maybe looking a lot cooler and maybe a little more covert, but it’s a cool innovating, nonetheless. Price has yet to be mentioned, and neither has a release date.



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