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We Tried That New Dunkin Donuts Coffee Porter. Here’s What It Tasted Like.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Porter

At some point in the last few years, somebody decided that having your own line of adult beverages was a cool thing. The trend started with celebrities all turning out their own spirits – namely Whiskey or Vodka – and expanded to beer and brands, with everybody from Bob Dylan to IHOP coming up with their own drinks. Looks like Dunkin Donuts wanted to get in on the action too, with their new Dunkin Donuts Coffee Porter courtesy of Harpoon Brewery.

While you can find Dunkin Donuts up and down the East Coast and they are now becoming more and more popular across the country, anybody from the Northeast can tell you it’s kind of a way of life up there. So a collaboration between Dunkin Donuts and stalwart Massachusetts brewery Harpoon seems only fitting. The real question is, what does it taste like, and is it any good?

Coffee Porters (and stouts) aren’t new, so this shouldn’t be anything revolutionary…but come on, it’s from Dunkin Donuts. That must count for something. Made with Dunkin Donuts espresso, it boasts, according to Dunkin, a “smooth mouthfeel with aromas of espresso and dark chocolate,” and pairs well with everything form hearty stews to Dunkin’s “signature donuts.” Sounds good enough for us. Let’s see how it holds up.

Popping a bottle and pouring it into a pint glass, it presented with a dark brown color that shouted coffee and chocolate, and a perfect bit of foam on top. It actually looked like super black ice coffee. We thought it may have even smelt a bit like coffee and donuts, though that could have just been our antsy taste buds talking.

And the taste? Well…like a porter. A really good porter. Malty and “roasty,” as Harpoon calls it right on the bottle, and with super strong coffee flavor. Like Dunkin Donuts coffee? That’s debatable, but if you like coffee porter, you’ll like this one. We didn’t find a lot chocolate flavor hiding in there, as the coffee flavor was pretty dang strong, but overall, we liked it.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Porter is, as mentioned, brewed by Harpoon and can be found in most places that Harpoon is sold. It’s most likely a primarily Northeast thing right now, but if you drink as much Dunkin or as much coffee porter as we do, you might like this one.

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