Contributed by Julian Samarjiev – DULO Founder

Our DULO story started in 2016, and after a year in R&D, we launched our first product, a performance dress shirt. After spending a few years in the industry, we found out about the negative impacts of apparel production. Most performance fabrics are not biodegradable, and the truth is that eventually, most all clothes produced end up in the landfill.

For our second collection, we wanted to take a step towards a more sustainable apparel business. After a few months of R&D and closely working with our partners, we found a fabric that can replicate all the benefits and properties of a dress shirt made from performance fabrics! It also has a substantial difference that it can be biodegradable once it ends up in a landfill or composting facility. More and more people want to enjoy the benefits and comfort of performance fabrics; however, there are very few sustainable options out there. We want to provide an alternative for performance clothing that is much more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Coming from a tech background, with no experience in apparel previous to DULO, we’ve tried to apply the lessons learned in software development and are using a similar approach in building DULO. Another aspect that we strongly believe in is using freelancers to help us out on this journey, hence encouraging more people to step out of their comfort zone and 9-5 job and start creating their own professional paths.

DULO is proudly 100% self-funded with no external investment, and we plan to keep it that way. The founders have continued to maintain full-time jobs as developers while building DULO on the side. This allows us to invest the majority of savings into DULO and, combined with the company revenue, create steady cash flow without a limited runway. This also enables us to have a long-term mindset, without feeling the pressure of making investors happy or chase quarterly profit targets.

Our vision is to build a lean business machine that can have the resources to impact many sectors of the modern performance market, while keeping our freedom and independence to work for ourselves, on our own terms. We hope that you will join with us on this journey and try out a DULO Sustainable Performance Dress Shirt. Dress the part. Play your part.

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