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Dude I want that Waterproof Speaker from Ultimate Ears Boom2

Hello, this is Joshua with Gear for Life. We are going to be talking about the waterproof speaker you’ve been waiting for, Ultimate Ears Boom2. This Bluetooth speaker has quite a few features on it that make it perfect for parties. It’s waterproof, shock proof, and it has an IPX-7 rating, which means it can be submerged in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes and can dropped or banged around without a dent or scratch to worry about. It is perfect for bringing hiking, camping, to the beach or pool, even kayaking and boating. It’s like adding your own personal soundtrack to all your adventures….Dude I want that!

This Ultimate Ears waterproof speaker puts out loud, 360 degree sound in every direction. The bass is deep and loud. The built-in microphone and Bluetooth 4.0 are great for hooking up your phone with a range of over 100 feet. You can access Siri, Google Now or Alexa, as well as control your music using only your voice. The battery life lasts up to 15 hours. From some comments on Amazon, I’ve seen that it takes about an hour to charge up.

There’s a question on Amazon here that I will read out. The question says, will it stay on always if I want it to or does it auto shut off? The answer to that is, it stays on if it is active, playing music, and shuts off when not in use. There’s also been questions on Amazon that say, can it be used to charge my smartphone. The answer to that is, no it cannot actually be used to charge your smartphone. There’s also a question on there asking if it can be used as a speakerphone. From what I saw, the answer was only if you have an iPhone, nothing else.

It’s a good pick for parties, even if you’re not linking it up with multiple speakers like it says you can. If you’re having a pool party, you can set it outside in the backyard and still get amazing sound everywhere in the backyard. For parties, I would definitely suggest using the app and using the Party Up feature where you can link up to or over 150 Ultimate Ears speaker from one source.

The descriptions on Amazon say that you can pair up to eight Bluetooth enabled source devices. You can also wirelessly play or stream up to 150+ Ultimate Ears speakers from one source. Since the mobile range of play is up to 100 feet, you have a lot of room to put the speakers around the house or around the backyard party, wherever you’re at.

Now, the price on the Ultimate Ears Boom2 is 174.49. Now, that price is a little high for a speaker as small as it is, but you’re paying for all of the awesome qualities that it has in it, like the shockproof and the waterproof and the fact that you can have your Bluetooth Ultimate Ears Boom2 sitting out and not have to worry about the kid or your dog picking it up and throwing it around and denting it up or even taking it into the bathroom to listen to it while they take a bath and it fall in. You don’t even have to worry about it actually shorting out or breaking. That’s definitely something that should be considered when you’re buying it.

I know I’ve always wanted to be able to control my music with my voice and not have to mess with my phone every single time I want to listen to music. That can really help too if you are at a party and it’s a pool party and you’re in the pool and you don’t want to get out and have to check your phone to change it. You can just set your Bluetooth Ultimate Ears Boom2 up and control the music with your voice while you’re in the pool.

Now, more about the wirelessly playing music with the 150 plus speakers. That is only talking about the Ultimate Ears speakers when it says that you can hook up to 150 plus speakers to the Ultimate Ears Boom2. No other brand of speakers. You would have to buy all of your speakers in Ultimate Ears versions. Now that seems like it might be kind of a hassle, but that’s 150 speakers in a 100 feet radius. That’s probably the best set up you’re going to have for having a house party. It would be a definite want to have, especially if you throw parties a lot….Dude I want that….

Thank you for reading and coming to I hope that this was informative and that you got some of the facts that you can also find on and Amazon. There’s a link on the Gear For Life page that has the Ultimate Ears Boom2 on it. You go down and you click buy and it’ll send you straight to the Amazon page where you can find some more of the details and the pricing and you can actually buy it from that page right there. Thank you for reading, again. Go on and look for some more cool stuff. I’m sure you’ll find something to make you say “dude I want that!”. Thank you.

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