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Dude I want that | Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones

Hello everyone this is Josh with Gear for Life. We’re going to talk today about the Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones. Now, I’m a big headphone enthusiast, I’d say. I’ve always liked those head phones that cover your ears better than the headphones that you put inside your ears. I don’t know a lot about head phones, but I know a good pair when I see one….and Dude I want That PXC 550!

The Sennheiser PXC 550 are wireless with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. They also have noise guard adaptive noise canceling inside the head phones. The noise guard quiets the environment to ensure uninterrupted listening by modifying to ambient noise. The noise guard gives the noise suppression that you need, providing a comfortable listening experience, so you can relax and focus on anything that you’re working on.

It also has premium sound quality. You can listen to music and watch movies with a really good clarity, and the balance is good as well. It has sound modes that you can select through that allow you to tailor the sound to the source material. When connected via USB to a computer, the PX 550 wireless acts as a USB sound card, improving the fidelity of music and calls on your PC or Mac. So that’s pretty cool in my mind.

Then we also have a touch pad on the side which allows you to mess with the volume, pause or play it, stop it, skip tracks, and you can also use it to answer your phone. The touch pad is located on the right ear cup, so if someone’s calling you, just tap the touch pad once in the middle to answer it. It uses a triple microphone array for wireless calls that gives amazing vocal clarity.

Also one of the cool things about taking calls is that it does not have that long microphone that sticks out of the side like some gaming headphones do. I’ve never seen a pair of headphones like this that go over your ear that you can talk through without having that big microphone in your face. So I think that’s pretty cool. There probably are some other headphones out there that do that but I think that’s a cool little add on to have in any pair of headphones that you get.

You can skip through tracks by swiping left to right I believe. You can mess with the volume by swiping up or down. You can skip through the tracks by swiping left or right and you can actually fast forward through a track by holding it when you swipe right. So you can get to any certain part that you wanted to listen to…. Dude I want that!

Also a good one in my mind is when it disconnects from your phone, if you get out of range accidentally, it doesn’t just start blasting your music wherever your phone is, it will disconnect and the audio automatically pauses. So I thought that was pretty cool.

Now next up is the battery life. The battery life is up to 30 hours long, and that’s only on a single charge from any USB outlet. If you forget to charge the battery the headset works passively with the remote cable, both as the headphone and as the headset. So that’s pretty cool too. It also has a fold in, fold out power switch, so if you fold it in, it will turn off and you fold it back out to turn it on. So that’s pretty cool.

It’s a very lightweight set of headphones for how big they are, it was designed for your journey basically. It was engineered with a padded headband and rotating ear cups to provide incredible comfort and for very long listening times. The full flat costal frame enables the PXC 550 wireless to discreetly fold away into the stylish compact travel case that you get with it.

The wireless allows total freedom of movement, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. The PXC 550 features Bluetooth 4.2 to effortlessly connect with any NFC or Bluetooth device. So you can listen to music, you can take calls, or if you really just don’t want to listen to people you can put them on and use them just for the noise cancelling feature. I know there’s times when I’m in situations where I’m by myself, or I’m traveling and there’s people around me, and they’re being loud and I have a headache, I really don’t want to listen to them. If I had these headphones, I’d just put them on, hit the noise canceling and just close my eyes, and wait for my flight to be ready.

So I mean that’s good for me but I would probably use it for listening. I think it would be really good for listening to classical music. You get the silence behind you so nothings interrupting your peaceful music. That’s pretty cool. If you’re into the harder music I’m pretty sure that it gives you a pretty good base too.

Now the charging time for the Sennheiser PXC 550 is only three hours. Only three hours charge time, for 30 hours of run time. That’s really awesome if you think about it…. Dude I want That! A lot of people don’t think about how cool that is.

But yeah that’s about all the facts I have here in front of me. Some of these facts are on gear for life and there is a link you can take to amazon where you can get even more of the facts. These Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones are what I would suggest. They are a little more expensive but you’re getting what you pay for. You’re getting the movement you want by being able to move away and not have to worry about a cord being attached to anything. You don’t have to worry about charging it every few hours because it runs out of battery, and you don’t have to worry about people around you if you’re somewhere where you don’t want to talk to anybody. It’s really good for a lot of situations, for a lot of reasons.

So thank you for reading some of the facts about the Sennheiser PXC 550. If you want to see some more cool gadgets and gear just go onto and look around. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of cool stuff. Thank you.

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