Hello, this is Daniel with the Gear For Life Podcast. Today’s podcast is called “Dude I Want That Loominoodle LED Rope Light.”

If you haven’t seen these, I’d have to tell you to check them out, especially if you like outdoor activities; camping predominately or overlanding. These things are made by Power Practical. Essentially what it is is a portable LED lighting system that’s perfect around the campsite or on the back patio. They pack up in a small little nylon bag, and easy to transport. What you do is you would take them out, string them up and attach them to battery pack of some sort. Some of the Loominoodle models come with a battery pack or you can add it on, but basically any type of portable power bank you can plug into the USB and it powers these Loominoodles.

It’s an upgraded portable version of rope lighting, only in the newer versions it features multiple lighting options such as colored lights, flashing, etc. A few good things … A few ways to use them, because they are portable … Camping; you can string them up in the tent. You can string them around the picnic table for outdoor lighting while you’re camping. The one thing I like about this set, especially the premium model that has different color options, is you can change the LED color to a red or something other than bright white, which gives you plenty of light but doesn’t attracted all the bugs. If you’ve ever camped, especially during the summer, as soon as you turn on bright LED lights you attract all the bugs for a three mile radius it seems like.

A couple of other uses, features: You could use them as back lighting behind the TV or a computer monitor. You could string them on your bicycle, and make them flashing and just a good safety feature. You could put them in a closet. We all have those closets in our homes most likely that for some reason or another don’t include a light. These Loominoodles are perfect for that. Throw them in a car and use them underneath the hood for emergency auto repair or emergency lighting if you stranded on the side of a road. Really, there’s just an unlimited way to use these. They have built-in magnets. They also have a hook system so that you could string them up pretty much anywhere….Dude I want that!

Let’s go into some questions about these. Here are some common questions asked online by people shopping for the Loominoodles:

How long do the lights last? LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours so you never have to worry about the bulbs going out or having to replace the bulbs, but it really depends on what battery pack you’re going to be using to determine how long the actual lights will work in a portable setting. From what I’m reading here, if you have 4,400 milliamp battery pack it’ll last about three hours. That’s with a ten foot model. If you had the five foot model of the Loominoodle … Let’s see … This answer says 80 minutes for every 1,000 milliamps that your battery pack will … That’s pretty neat.

In the base model of the Loominoodle on and off is just simply plugging it into the battery pack. If you have an upgraded or newer premium version of the Loominoodle, it comes with a remote control….Dude I want that! It’s a small remote; you can turn on the lights, you can cycle through the different color options, you can change the output modes, the different brightness settings. It allows you to change the output mode with different brightness settings, also changing it from flashing or fading or whatever you may have, whatever option you want.

It also allows you to turn it on and off from a distance, obviously. That’s nice without having to be there to plug it into a battery pack. If it’s in a camp or a tent you can just put the control by your sleeping bag, turn it on and off during the night as needed. In addition to the remote control, there’s also an in-line switch which allows you to turn it on and off on the string of lights itself.

With this particular model there are 14 different color options, 10 brightness settings, three white modes, three different strobe or fade modes per color. With all of those combined you have thousands upon thousands of color combinations and strobes and whatnot. Pretty much whatever the situation is you would have pretty good lighting for that.

Again, this is a co-product. We’ve tested it. We have several different iterations of it. Even if you have flashlights or lanterns this is still a very practical product. We highly recommend it. That is why it is our Dude I want That Loominoodle post of the week from Gear For Life. Thanks for checking it out.