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The Ducati SuperSport is Your Everyday Sportbike

2017 ducati supersport

Superbikes and sportsbikes can be incredibly thrilling to ride on the track – or on the open road when there’s nobody else there. But most of us are going to be spending a lot more time in traffic than speeding across the desert. That’s where the Ducati SuperSport comes in.

Ducati is no stranger to sportbike performance, but with the new 2017 Supersport they’ve decided to aim for a different buyer – the everyday rider with a thing for speed. It has a 937cc Testrastretta engine, the same as the  HyperMotard 939, which puts out 71.3 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 RPM. That’s respectable speed.

What’s makes the SuperSport, different, however, is it’s very comfortable stance. The body and frame is based on the Motorrad, with hints of the Panigale. However, it uses a high set of clip ons and relaxed footpegs, for an easier, more comfortable riding position for the everyday. It’s still a sportbike – but one that is comfortable for running errands or going to work without feeling like you’re gearing up for the Nurburgring.

There are two models for the 2017 – the SuperSport and the SuperSport S. The SuperSport comes with Bembo brakes, with dual 320mm discs – responsive enough for taking on corners with speed, but relaxed enough for everyday around town. Difference between the two is minimal, but the S model has larger fork (48mm) and rear shocks by Ohlins. The regular SuperSport itself has a Marzocchi fork, measuring 41mm. Furthermore, each model comes with two customization options. The Sport Pack comes with carbon front mud guard, carbon fuel tank cover, racing lever kit, and billet aluminum covers for the front and rear brake reservoirs. The Touring Pack semi-rigid side panniers, bigger windscreen and heated grips for cold days on the road.

Ducati has also added a color TFT display on the dash, an LED daytime running light and as an added bonus, waterproof USB outlet under the seat for charging your phone.

Price? Well, it’s a Ducati. You’re paying for Italian design and premium performance. The SuperSport starts at $12,995, while the S goes for $14,795.


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