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PlayStation Classic: All Your Favorite PS Games All-In-One

PlayStation Classic

Within the past few years, Nintendo has re-released their fan favorite consoles the NES and the SNES and loaded them with some all-star game from their lineup. Now, Sony is following suit on the nostalgia train and has released the PlayStation Classic, a re-release of their 1995 PlayStation console that is loaded with ROMs of some of the PlayStation’s greatest hits.

So what is the PlayStation Classic? Basically, it is a revamp of the old PlayStation console that comes preloaded with a selection of games. The upshot of the PlayStation classic is that you do not need any discs to play games, they are loaded in as software. Simply turn on the console and pick the game you want to play from the main screen. Even better, you do not need a physically separate memory card to save data like the old PlayStation, the Classic has a virtual memory card.

What games can you expect to find on the roster? PlayStation has included some of their genre-defining titles like Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, and Metal Gear Solid, as well as lesser known games Jumping Flash, Wild Arms, and Intelligent Qube to name a few. All in all, the console comes preloaded with 20 titles. It also comes with two controllers so you can play some multiplayer as well.

As far as connectivity, the PlayStation Classic has an HDMI port in the back and has a microUSB as its power source. Strangely, Sony does not include an AC charging block with the purchase, but most people tend to have at least 1 microUSB cable around. The console requires at least 1 amp of power to run, so you need at least USB 3.1 or higher to power it. 

The only downsides are the controllers and the emulation quality on some games. The controllers have short cables and they neglected to include DualShock analog sticks, even though many included games were designed for that control scheme. Emulation quality is consistent, except for a few titles, which could just reflect the fact that some titles have not aged very well in the modern era. Either way, the PlayStation Classic is a punch right in the nostalgia and is a peripheral any life-long gamer will appreciate.

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