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Dr. Martens Boots: Urban Streetwear with Some Retro Appeal

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Looking for something a little different to put on your feet this winter? Or any time of year? Is your style a little more…urban…than classy, American-made leather? Not that a pair of Redwings can’t look fly in the city, but a pair of these vintage-style, 1980’s reminiscent Dr. Martens might be for you. Of course, as with most style articles, the boot has slowly moved away from its punk rock beginnings, towards a look with broader appeal. These days, you’ll see them on the feet of just about anybody craving some black leather boots but without the desire to look extremely dressed up. A casual dress boot for the masses, you could say.

But that doesn’t Dr. Martens have completely lost their retro, slightly punk appeal. While Dr. Martens boots are no longer made in England, they are still 100% leather, built for wearing anywhere, and the same iconic style that you may have seen The Who rocking out in decades They are waterproof, snow proof, dirtproof, spilt-beer proof, created to take the abuse your canvas slip-ons couldn’t. The iconic black and yellow tag that sticks off the back of the cuff helps you slide your feet in, and the Goodyear Welt ensures these things can be resoled and viable for years. The AirWair™ sole is oil and fat resistant, slip resistant, and finished with Smooth, their lightly textured leather with soft sheen for good looks.

The company makes a variety of collections, all based off the original 1460 Smooth, many of which are available for the same $135 price tag. A boot that continues to show the world that there is nothing wrong with sticking to your roots.

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