There are powerful cars, and then there are insane, unchained beasts of powerful cars. The Devel Sixteen is the latter. Designed by Paolo Garella, who used to work at Pininfarina and later designed the Apollo IE, this beast of a car was first seen as a concept at the Dubai Motor Show in 2017, and it looks like they followed through and put this bad boy into production.

The actual production car is made from a super-light, carbon fiber body, and boasts a quad-turbo, V16 engine that claims to put out over 5,000 horsepower. Yes, do a double-take or two. Over 5000. That is, if you were wondering, an insane amount of money. They say it will reach 320MPH, and with just the 3000-horsepower version.

The carbon fiber was produced in Dubai, while the engine was made in Michigan by Steve Morris Engines. You’ll be able to grab the Devel Sixteen in three models – the base model, with an LS V8 Turbo engine and 1500 horsepower. Then there’s the V16 with 3000 horsepower, which boasts the top speed of 320 MPH and costs a cool $1.8 million. After that, there’s the nearly-mythical 5000 horsepower V16, which is, unfortunately, not street-legal, intended for racing only.

No other details at the moment, but the Devel Sixteen looks beyond beautiful. And insane. The first car off the production line was delivered to rapper Drake. Maybe you’ll get the second.

Devel Sixteen 2 Devel Sixteen 3