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Demerbox Combines Indestructible Pelican Dry Cases With Bluetooth Surround Sound

Demerbox Bluetooth Boombox

Waterproof speakers sure are perfect for jamming out to your favorite tunes in the great outdoors. But sometimes waterproofness isn’t enough, and you need bombproof durability and impact-resistance, too. Or maybe you just want something that looks a bit different. That’s where the Demerbox DB2 earns a spot in your party kit. Demerbox-Green-Bluetooth-2

The DB2 is a Bluetooth speaker housed inside a legit, tough-as-nails Pelican case. Crushproof, waterproof and ready for virtually any outdoor adventure or spills into the pools. There’s even some room for dry storage underneath the internal audio components, perfect for stashing your EDC essentials when floating or rafting. The 2600mAh Lithium Ion battery can last up to 40+ hours on a single charge; there’s external USB charging ports for keeping your phone replenished; a wireless Bluetooth range of roughly 100 feet; and you can pair up to 6 Demerbox’s at a time to create the ultimate in outdoor surround sound systems for your next outdoor party.

Each Demerbox is handbuilt in the USA, and they say they’ve been put to the test in a number of challenging environments around the world. So you can be assured it’ll last your years of good use. We also just think it looks dang cool. You can get on the typical Pesaro Green or in any number of hydrodipped designs – like the American-flag styled Vineyard Vines option. Demerbox Vineyard Vines

Oh, and the sound quality is pretty good, too.

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