Wow. That’s literally all we can say after getting a glimpse of Dell’s new 8k monitor.

With 32″ of UltraSharp spectacular picture, this monitor is an incredible display. Over 33.2 million pixels and absolutely unprecedented amounts of detail make anything you see on this monitor a glorious experience. That’s over 16 times the resolution of 1080p,and 4 times that of 4k monitors.

Dell’s PremierColor color system is outstandingly bright and vivid, bringing your photos, movies and games to life like you’ve never seen them before. PremierColor is also perfect for professionals, who use their monitor for work, graphics or photography, providing excellent color calibration and accuracy for all kinds of graphic tasks. It’s capable of over 1 billion different colors.

The InfinityEdge display makes the gorgeous picture seem like it goes on forever, while the flicker-free, ComfortView Monitor filters out any kind of harmful blue-light and keeps your eyes feeling fresh and rested. The adjustable stand also lets you pivot, tilt or swivel the screen to find the exact position most comfortable for you and your work.

But is the world ready for an 8k monitor? Maybe, maybe not. Most people don’t even have 4k monitors yet, and it’s going to be a while before most computers and entertainment systems can handle it. You won’t find many movies or games to take advantage of a resolution that large.

But if you’re looking for the absolute best in picture quality, and you can afford the insane price tag, the Ultrasharp 8k is the king of monitors, and it will be a long time before you need to upgrade.

Features of the Dell UltraSharp 8k Monitor

  • 8k Resolution with over 33.2 million pixels – 7680×4320 pixels.
  • ComfortView filters out harmful blue-light
  • Dell PremierColor for the ultimate in color accuracy; perfect for professionals
  • Infinity Edge Display


Buy - $4,999.00
Dell UltraSharp 8k Monitor Dell UltraSharp 8k Monitor Dell UltraSharp 8k Monitor Dell UltraSharp 8k Monitor