There are sometimes good reasons for bringing electronics outdoors with you, whether onto the job site or into the field. Unfortunately, with the way tablet and phone design has been going for a long – ever thinner, sleeker, and more fragile (at one point is a phone thin enough?) – most devices aren’t going to hold up very well in the wild. That’s why we’re bringing the Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme with us.

Taking cues from classic tough books, this Tough Tablet (is that a real thing?) weighs in at 2.82 lbs, encased in a high-quality, durable body that is rated to military-grade MIL-STD 810G standards; it can handle temperatures below freezing and up to 145-degrees, is made with shock-absorbent materials to withstand impact or being dropped, and is waterproof for up to 3 minutes. The 12″ touch-screen display is made of etched Gorilla Glass, which is not only extremely thick and durable but extremely bright, even in direct sunlight, and works even with thick gloves. You can choose a whole host of accessories, such as a marching dock, keyboard cover with kickstand, Havis Vehicle Dock for mounting in a car, and Rugged Extreme Handle for ultimate portability.

The inside of this machine isn’t too shabby, either. The Latitude Rugged Extreme has 6th and 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i Dual & Quad Core CPUs, 16gb of RAM, up to a terabyte of storage – and operates on Windows 10. It’s got all the standard PC options, too, like USB 3.0, USB-C, headphone jack, etc; the Rugged Extreme functions just like a laptop in a tough tablet body.

Whether you’re onsite on a tough job, or need some kind of durable device to bring into the backcountry with you, the Latitude Rugged Extreme is the ultimate choice, and it’s obvious it’s built to last – making it worth the hefty price tag.

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme_1 Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme_Gorilla_glass_display