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Deejo Granadilla Wood: An Ultralight Pocketknife With Pure Class

deejo granadilla wood knife open

Looking for an absolutely ultra-lightweight pocketknife? The Granadilla Wood from Deejo weighs in at only 37 grams, with a 420 stainless steel blade, and handle that is a combination of both stainless steel and Granadilla wood. (The Granadilla is a Central and South American plant, from which the Passion Fruit comes).  A liner lock (a side-spring lock that can be used – and closed – with one hand, without having to move the knife’s position in your hand) and belt clip keep it conveniently secured to you kit. The blade measures in at 3.75″, while the total length of the whole knife is only 8″. It’s slim, sharp (in more than one way) and stylish, and looks just as good as part of your outfit as it does cutting wood.

If you’re looking for a sleeker, blacker appearance, the Granadilla also comes with a black handled option.

Deejo Granadilla Wood Linerlock Knife Features

  • 8″ long
  • 3.75″ blade
  • Weighs 37g
  • 420 stainless steel blade
  • Wooden handle
  • Liner lock design, belt clip
  • Comes in Wood and Black

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