Main features of Deciwatt Nowlight Light:

  • Compact and convenient
  • Human-generated power
  • Pull the cord to create energy
  • Up to 50 hours of light on a full charge
  • 5V USB output
  • Optional solar panel

Camping trips and other outdoor adventures can be a way to get off the grid for a few hours or days. Yet, most of us still want to enjoy some benefits of modern technologies while spending time in nature, such as smartphones and lights.

After all, a well-lit campsite will deter bears and other dangerous animals while improving visibility around the premises. For instance, Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight Portable Self-Powered Light is a handy gadget that will make your outdoor adventures 10x more enjoyable than before. Here’s why.

Functional and Convenient Design

Aside from being an affordable option, the cool-looking Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight Portable Light is easy to use as well. Most importantly, this compact device will not take up too much space in your backpack.

In combination with an optional solar panel, this light can become even more practical. In other words, it can also harness the sun’s rays and transform them into electrical energy. But if the skies are cloudy, you can always revert to pulling the cord and creating bio-mechanic power for the light.

Biomechanical Power

As the name suggests, Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight Portable Light will generate light here and now, regardless of your position. Even if you are miles away from the nearest powerline, this clever gadget will illuminate the area with up to 60 lumens. Moreover, Deciwatt NL01 comes with six brightness settings, allowing you to customize the light with ease.

But of course, the primary feature of this device is the biomechanical charging system. More precisely, it comes with a cord that generates maximum power with minimum effort. By pulling on the thread for 1 minute, you can accumulate power for up to 2 hours of light.

How to Use It?

As we said, Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight is an ideal option for camping, hunting, or fishing expeditions. Nonetheless, this device can provide much more, and Deciwatt partners with charities and humanitarian organizations to provide households in rural areas with this light. For instance, many parts of Africa still don’t have access to electricity, and Nowlight can help them lead a better life.

After all, the device is super easy to use. You only need to pull the cord for a few minutes to create hours of light. After that, Deciwatt NL01 can even charge mobile devices, thanks to a 5V USB port.

Is It Worth It?

During power outages, no one wants to be left in the dark for long. The same goes for people on camping trips, and everyone feels much better with a bit of light.

For that reason, Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight is the perfect investment. Versatile and convenient, this gadget can go with you on various trips, but it can also help around the house. But regardless of how you use it, this portable light will live up to your expectations.