You know how, when you’re in the gym, loading up the barbell to do some heavy deadlifts, and you can’t quite seem to get the plates on, without lifting up the bar? But, the bar is already weighed down by the plates already on it, so you can quite get it airborne? And then have to repeat the whole thing when it’s to unload? Yup. That’s why you ought to get the Dead Wedge.

You can always lift a deadlift jack, but what if your gym doesn’t have one? For less than 10 bucks, the Dead Wedge provides an easy, simple alternative to deadlift jacks. Dead simple. It’s made of durable, non-slip rubber, and lets you roll the barbell and plate onto a lifted platform, to make loading and unloading other plates even easier. Plates won’t roll as you try to take then on or off, and you’ll put less stress on your back as you try to lift the bar unnecessarily. The contoured shape is the perfect size for Olympic plates, and works with hexagonal, polygonal, and bumper plates.

You only need one, and it fits in your gym bag without taking up too much space. Or really, any at all. It has a weight capacity of 900 pounds, and costs about the same as a sandwich you would grab for lunch. So grab one, add it to your gym bag, and the only sweat you’ll break is during the actual lift.

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