Danner is a trusted bootmaker, whether for their work boots, stylish footwear or military combat boots. Their newest line, the Danner Portland Select Boots, are built-in-the-USA and made to be versatile for any weather the winter throws your way. With four different models – the Danner Light, Danner Ridge, Mountain Light and Mountain Pass, there is an option for every situation you may be faced with.

The Danner Light is their original model, based on the boot originally introduced in 1979. It’s got Vibram Kletterfitter sole and a Gore-Tex liner, and a full-grain leather upper. The Danner Ridge is based off the same design, but clocks  in at 20% lighter. They’ve still got the Gore-Tex liner and the Vibram sole, but manage to shave 15 oz off each pair by the use of a new construction method, that  integrates the shank, midsole and lasting board into a single piece. They’ve got all the support and protection of a full pair of boots, but are infinitely more comfortable.

The Danner Mountain Light and Mountain Pass, on the other hand, are slightly more casual shoes, built for slightly less demanding use. They’re made with full-grain leather, nylon-coated hardware, and an extra stable Vibram Sierra outsole with breathable Dri-Lex lining.  And like the Mountain Light, the Mountain Pass shaves 25% off the weight of its larger counterpart.

Completing the series are the Forest Heights, the most urbane of the bunch. The Forest Heights are built for navigating the city streets and looking fly. They’re not waterproof, but they’re classic, classy and built to last.

All five pairs of Danner Portland Select Boots are stylish and comfortable boots built for anything. And all four are built entirely in the USA, right in Danner’s Portland factory. With winter coming up, they’re the perfect shoes to keep your feet warm and dry, and for looking great at any occasion.

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