Talk about tough. With a name like Gritstone, these badass, built-like-a-fleet-of-tanks boots from legendary Danner are guaranteed to be ten different kinds of tough. Based on their classic Quarry work boot, the Gritstone is lighter and with a more comfortable fit, achieved by ditching the steel shank, midsole, and lasting board in favor of an integrated Bi-Fit shank system. Though “lighter” doesn’t mean much; the Gritstones weigh 4 pounds each, with a pair topping out at hefty 64 ounces. They make no apologies for their bulk, however.

The full-grain leather upper is waterproof and put together with triple-stitching. They put their leather through six different tests to guarantee durability, while the Danner Dry waterproof layer is breathable and moisture-wicking so your feet are never sweaty and uncomfortable.

And since these boots are designed for heavy abuse, they have an alloy toe, that meets ASTM standards for safety and work boots. In fact, they meet ASTM standards for electrical hazard protection, as well as OSHA standards for slip resistance. The sole is Vibram Gritstone (see what they did there?), with serious grip that is oil and slip resistant. The stitchdown construction can even be recrafted and resoled when it gives out, though we think it will be years before that is necessary. Even as rough as you are on your gear.

And at 8” tall, the Danner Gritstone are no joke. You’re protected from whatever hazards the workplace or construction site can throw your away. So if you’re looking for the toughest, most durable pair boots out there, Danner has you covered.

Danner-Gritstone-Rear Danner-Gritstone-3 Danner-Gritstone-4 Danner-Gritstone-5 Danner-Gritstone-6