Back in more analog days, we used to keep calendars on our walls. Now, we just have everything we need to do stored away in our phones or Google calendars. Well, if you like the integration and connected-nature of calendar apps, smartphones and virtually everything else, but prefer something large, accessible and maybe even wall-mounted, then this Dakboard V2 Wall Display is exactly what you’re looking for. It syncs to almost all online calendars, like iCloud and Google, and displays all your dates, appointments, reminders right on the 1080p screen. It also shows other cool, important info, such as the weather forecast for your area.

It’s essentially like having an important dashboard for your life up on the wall – but one that displays a beautiful HD image too. Choose from any of your own photos or opt for a slideshow.

The Dakboard V2 uses IPS technology to ensure a clear, crisp image from any angle – none of that weird color stuff that happens when viewing a monitor from a funky angle – and has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It mounts on to your wall with a single included bracket, much like a regular picture frame.

Oh, and did we mention is has built-in speakers? Options for both WiFi and Ethernet connect it to your favorite calendar. If you’re looking to simplify your calendar life while adding a beautiful image or two to your wall, Dakboard has you covered.

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