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Cubiio Lets You Laser Engrave Anything At Home

cubiio laser engraver tripod

You’ve most likely never said to yourself, “I could really go for my own laser engraver.” Maybe you’ve wanted to get a few things engraved with your name or initials at some point, but never really thought of it as something you could do yourself. Well, if you’ve ever had that urge – or you have a mean creative streak running within you – you now can. Cubiio is an ultra-compact and easy to use laser engraver that, in the vein of 3d printers, not only can you use right in your own studio, but is actually affordable enough to purchase.

Cubiio is controlled by the Cubiio app, which can be downloaded to your phone and tablet, and uses G-Code, a computer-language used by laser engravers and milling machines. Free open-source softwares, such as INKSCAPE, will actually let you turn your own vector graphics and designs into G-Code, as well. We’re not particularly good at explaining the science behind it – but the fact it uses lasers is good enough for us.

To use it, place it in front of the object you wish to engrave, and use the preview-laser to align everything perfectly; you can rotate, adjust the size and angle to get everything just the way you like it. Press the Engrave button, and let it do it’s magic. With this device, you can engrave wood, paper, leather, acrylic, creating custom designs, monograms and even figurines.

Of course, playing with lasers can be dangerous, and you shouldn’t unless you’re aware of the risks. To help with this, Cubiio comes with a host of safety features, such as password protection, overheat shutdown, and motion-detection that shuts the machine off if moved during use, and includes eye-protection.

This device looks like the perfect marriage of art, technology and DIY-attitude, and definitely worth a look if you’re into that.

Cubiio Lets You Laser Engrave Anything At Home Cubiio Lets You Laser Engrave Anything At Home

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