Unless you’re investing in a top-dollar watch, one of the first things you will probably do when you get your new watch is ditch the strap and replace it with something better. Most factory straps are low-quality, cheap, and just waiting to break at the most inconvenient time. After you’ve ponied up a few hundred for a new watch, spending a few bucks on a nice watch strap is really a worthwhile investment. (And you can always switch them out, suiting your watch exactly to the occasion.) Thankfully, there’s Crown and Buckle.

Crown and Buckle believes that Greatness Is In The Details, and after seeing some of their specialty watch straps, we are inclined to agree. Many of their leather and nylon straps are made entirely in the USA, and all of them are of the highest quality and finest materials, constructed by local craftsmen in their South Florida factory, who take pride in their work.

One piece we really like is this Russet Oiled 2-piece leather strap, part of their American Made line. It’s cut from classic American Horween leather, with a smooth russet finish up top and a natural suede underneath; even the edges are dyed to match, with dark brown threads that blend in, and the oiling gives it a detailed look when bent or flexed. And it comes with a 304L stainless steel buckle in four finishes – Brushed, Polished, Black PVD and Gold Plated.

Another worth checking out: the Killian, part of the new Black Label Season 3. It’s a 2.5mm strap with a black pebble texture and ivory braided threads adding fine details and contrast. Like the Russet Oiled above, it comes in 4 buckle finishes. But unlike the Russet Oiled, this one is made in Spain, and thanks to its handmade nature, each individual strap will be just a little bit unique.

Crown and Buckle makes more than just straps too; their line of leather goods includes travel pouches for your watch, and fine leather rolls to store them in. If you’re going to buy a decent watch, you might as well keep it safe in one of these.

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