New for 2018, the CRKT Goken was designed by James Williams, one of the foremost martial artists in the country. His goal was to create a folding tactical knife that was both perfectly sleek and tough-as-nails, and the result is the Goken. With a Japanese style, using a Osoraku Zukuri modified tanto blade, this knife is the embodiment of grace and strength in one. The blade is 1.4116 stainless steel, 3.7” long and finished with a deep powder coating for resisting rust and corrosion (though the stainless steel build is already good at that). The handles are reliable G10, with a locking liner and a flipper for one-handed deployment.

The coolest new feature of the Goken, however, is Field Strip Technology, which enables it to come apart in the field with no tools, making for seriously easy cleaning. With the knife closed, you push the front release lever up, spin the rear release wheel, and when the handle releases, you can pull it apart. Simple and easy. Just clean the knife and put it back together in reverse order.

The Goken is 8.5” open, 4.8” closed, and weighs 4.2 ounces. The blade shape is the perfect combo of heft, strength and sharpness. A beautiful, elegant knife that feels solid in your hand while remaining stylishly compact.

CRTK-Goken-Full-7 CRTK-Goken-Full-8 CRTK-Goken-Full-1 CRTK-Goken-Full-2 CRTK-Goken-Full-3 CRTK-Goken-Full-4 CRTK-Goken-Full-5 CRTK-Goken-Full-6