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Costa Del Mar Trailwalker Sunglasses: When Style and Performance Meet

Main features of the Costa Trailwalker Sunglasses:

  • Polarized glass (580G)
  • Locking-lever temple tips
  • 6.0 base curve
  • Superior clarity and protection
  • 20% thinner than the average glass

Are you having trouble finding the perfect sunglasses for outdoor activities? You don’t want to compromise with the quality and style of your eyewear?

Well, then you came to the right place because we prepared an in-depth review of the cool-looking Costa del Mar Trailwalker Sunglasses.

Will they meet your demanding criteria? No doubt they will, and you might even be surprised with the innovative technologies incorporated into the sleek body of the Trailwalker. So, let’s get down to it.

Premium-quality lens

As we all know, Costa del Mar is a renowned, global brand with a diverse portfolio. Even though the products might be different, one thing remains the same: striving towards excellence. Costa is all about making high-quality items, and the Trailwalker sunglasses are no exception.

With its polarized lens and an encapsulated mirror technology, Costa del Mar Trailwalker stands out from the rest. Moreover, this model’s polycarbonate lens is 20% thinner than the glass you will find on most other sunglasses out there. Plus, the lens is scratch-resistant, which will provide superior clarity, even after years of wear and tear.

Adjustable frame

Another element that separates the Trailwalker from the crowd is the locking-lever technology on the temple tips. If you are not familiar with the concept, allow us to explain.

In essence, Costa Trailwalker sunglasses come with adjustable tips that have four settings. By pressing on the small lever, you can set the temple tips to the desired length. In total, the range between these settings goes up to 30mm. Therefore, you can adjust the Trailwalker to the shape of your face without any hassle.

Excellent design

As you can see, Costa del Mar Trailwalker Sunglasses are functional and adjustable. But at the same time, this model offers top-notch aesthetics. In other words, the Trailwalker is an attractive piece of eyewear that will leave an impression no matter where the adventure takes you.

The Trailwalker comes with an edgy frame, which is both vintage and eye-catching. The Hydrolite nose pad is discreet, but it boosts the points for ergonomics and comfort. Likewise, we should mention that Costa Trailwalker has a 6.0 base curve and the total width of the lenses 140mm.

Should you buy it?

Still not convinced that Costa del Mar Trailwalker Sunglasses are the way to go? Well, then you’ll be missing out on an array of features and top-quality performances. From what we’ve seen, these sunglasses are worth every penny. Best of all, the price tag on the Trailwalker did not burn a massive hole in your pocket.

If you enjoy fishing or golfing, functional sunglasses are a must-have, and Costa Trailwalker ticks all the boxes for being the ultimate model. Adjustable and durable, these sunglasses are also attractive and cool-looking. What could be better?

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