Somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean, about halfway between California and Hawaii, is a massive stretch of floating garbage, deemed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s literally just a massive patch of plastic garbage, all brought together by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. If that sounds crazy, it is; and not that dramatic. Most of the plastic is actually microscopic in size, and low density – barely visible to the naked eye. But what does that have to do with these Costa sunglasses?

Well, the Costa Baffin were made to fight ocean pollution, even if it’s from discarded fishnets and not millions of plastic bottles. Fishnets are one of the most-dangerous forms of pollution, actually, as they pose threats to sea life that can become entangled in their snares. So removing them is of utmost importance. The name Baffin comes from the cold-water current running alongside Baffin Island, in the Arctic regions of Canada, where fishermen used to dump their used fishnets. They’re 100% recycled frames with that classic Wayfarer look but designed for staying active and on the water. To make them more comfortable, the nose and temples have PLUSFoam pads.

The lens are polarized, with Costa’s 580 technology. 580 technology increases clarity and protection by absorbing high-energy blue light, blocking yellow light at 580 nm to increase the clarity and visibility of reds, greens and blues. And to increase clarity and durability even more, Costa placed encapsulated mirrors between each layer of glass, while keeping the lens 20% thinner than your typical polarized glass. They’re rated to 10% light transmission – which is pretty dang dark – and serve up an ample amount of contrast to create essentially HD-sunglasses.

The Baffin are also not the only recycled-material sunglasses Costa makes; there’s also the Caldera, the Pescador and the Victoria. All stylish, comfortable sunglasses ready for days on the water or at the beach and helping the oceans along the way.

Costa Baffin Sunglasses Polarized costa-baffin-sunglasses-blue