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Corkcicle Cigar Glass: A Whiskey Glass with a Cigar Holder Built In

Corkcicle Cigar Glass

We’ve all been there; you need a place to put down your cigar, without dropping ash all over the place or burning a hole in your tabletop. Unfortunately, your hands are full with a nice glass of Scotch and you never did bother to buy that ashtray you’ve been looking at forever. Sounds like you need the Corkcicle Cigar Glass.

Actually, it’s a whiskey glass, not a cigar glass. It holds a nice dram of your favorite whiskey, with a few ice cubes to keep things cold, or a double Old-Fashioned. But the selling point is the unique, cigar-sized groove cut into the side of the glass, where your rest your cigar in between puffs. Pretty cool. Use either when relaxing over a nice conversation, or when playing a game of cards.

Sure, it’s more of a novelty than anything else. And we’re not exactly sure what to do when the icy cold glass starts sweating, as it may inevitably do (especially in warm weather). That’s a sure way to end up with a soggy cigar…But, with Christmas right around the corner, this must just make a perfect gift for yourself or that cigar lover you know. It’s fun either way, and certainly not a cheaply-done product. Grab one or two and add it to the bar collection

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