What’s to like about Condor Outdoor Summit Zero Softshell Jacket:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Tricot lined softshell
  • Plenty of spacious pockets
  • Reinforced elbow areas
  • Hook and loop cuffs
  • Drawstring hood and waistband
  • Sturdy YKK dual-way zipper

The pandemic affected our lives in multiple ways, shifting many people’s focus back to nature and an outdoorsy lifestyle. However, outdoor adventures require planning and preparation, including buying dependable clothing to handle harsh weather and rugged terrain.

Well, if you are looking for a versatile tactical jacket for hiking, camping, or even hunting, we’ve got you covered. The Condor Outdoor Summit Zero Softshell Jacket is up there with the best, and here’s what it offers.


Yes, you’ve read it right; the good-old Condor Outdoor Products is an American brand that goes back to the 80s. The company focused on creating top-quality outdoor gear at affordable prices from its early days.

For instance, Condor Outdoor released the well-received 3-day Assault Pack in 2002, and the same goes for the famous Condor Elite product line from 2016. Overall, Condor is all about combining reliability, functionality, and comfort into premium outdoor-oriented products, including tactical vests, bags, packs, jackets, and EDC pouches.


Nowadays, tactical jackets come in various shapes and sizes, making the selection process tricky for novices and those new to the world of outdoor gear.

But once again, we’re here to help. You should have no problems separating the best from the rest and buying the ideal jacket if you only consider the following elements.


Primarily, check out the essential design features to see if the jacket is functional and practical. Likewise, don’t ignore the aesthetic aspects because the goal is to feel confident and comfortable. If the jacket’s overall style doesn’t suit your preferences, it will never become your favorite.


Outdoor-oriented clothing must be extra resilient to survive years of wear and tear on all sorts of terrain. Thus, check out the materials and fabrics before purchasing. Even the tiny details like the zipper quality can reveal plenty about the jacket’s durability. So, double-check each of these elements before purchasing.


Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll have to check the price tag before splashing the cash. For that reason, we recommend opting for reliable and time-tested outdoor brands. Also, budget-friendly tactical jackets can meet most users’ needs, meaning that a mid-range model might be the best course of action for many.


Finally, it’s time to focus on the actual Summit Zero jacket, the alternative to the classic Summit. Yes, Condor Outdoor offers this softshell jacket in two versions, with the Zero model being up to 30% lighter than the traditional one.

The secret lies in the tricot-lined softshell, an innovative and technologically advanced material that reduces weight but offers improved performance. That’s also why we reviewed Condor Outdoor Summit Zero, but there’s more where that came from. So, if you want to learn more, here it comes.


Believe it or not, Condor Outdoor offers six color variations of the Summit Zero softshell jacket. More precisely, you can choose from olive green and khaki to light gray and full black. Either way, the sleek design will make you look modern and ready for anything.

On the one hand, the design features a minimalist approach since the Summit Zero jacket has no logos, images, or shapes on the front or back. However, the impressive selection of pockets and zippers adds to the overall aggressive look and boosts the fear factor.

In addition, the lined stand-up collar plays a role in improving design and protecting the wearer’s neck from the elements.


Speaking of pockets, we should mention that Condor Outdoor has equipped this jacket with compartments in every place imaginable.

Namely, the user-friendly Summit Zero softshell jacket has 2x highrise chest pockets with vertical zippers. Then, you’ll also get 2x internal pockets, 2x bicep compartments, and 2x upper arm patch panels. In addition, this tactical jacket features a super-cool forearm pocket and a double-zipper back pocket.

So, as far as storage space goes, this practical jacket offers more than you’ll ever need. Regarding convenience, we should also mention that Condor Outdoor Summit Zero also has an underarm vent zipper.


The Summit Zero version is all about offering enhanced breathability and comfort while staying as warm and cozy as possible. So, you’ll be happy to hear that it also provides excellent freedom of movement, thanks to its feather-weight construction.

Also, buyers should know that the Condor Outdoor Summit Zero softshell jacket promises years of use because it features top-quality materials. On top of that, Condor Outdoor strategically improved several areas, such as reinforcing the elbows.

Speaking of ruggedness, we should also mention the full-front central zipper with dual sliders. This element will help you open and close the jacket with no hassle. Likewise, the hook-and-loop cuff adjustment is a neat detail, and the same goes for the sturdy drawstring in the waist and hood.


As we said, finding the ideal tactical jacket in today’s saturated market is tricky, but the Condor Outdoor Summit Zero Softshell jacket meets the most demanding criteria. Besides comfort and excellent design, this model is also durable and well-constructed.

On top of that, Condor Outdoor Summit Zero comes at an affordable price, in line with the overall company policy. For that reason, this jacket can be the perfect choice for anyone making their first steps in the world of outdoor activities. Likewise, Summit Zero can fit equally well in law enforcement or military structures, efficiently handling any task.