What’s to like about Compass Culture solar radio:

  • A durable and compact body
  • Long-lasting 2000 mAh battery
  • Four charging options
  • AM/FM and NOAA compatibility
  • Plenty of extra features
  • Affordable price

As we all know, the best outdoor gear is versatile, flexible, and multi-purpose. Of course, the primary reasons are the space-saving and cost-effective properties of such tools and devices.

For example, a traditional hand-crank radio might be an outdated gadget. But, if you equip it with extra features, it can become an indispensable survival tool. For example, the innovative Compass Culture Hand Crank Solar Radio is a multi-practical device that will surprise you with the number of tasks it can perform outdoors.


If you are not familiar with the name, we should first say a couple of words about the company. After all, Compass Culture is a relatively young American brand, still making its name in the outdoor gear industry.

In other words, Compass Culture, as a family-owned brand, continues creating eye-catching products and growing steadily. Currently, the company offers several models of emergency radios, all brimming with features and providing outdoorsy explorers with peace of mind.


Speaking of survival-oriented radios, we should list a few things that separate the best emergency radios from the low-quality ones. So, before you splash the cash, consider the following aspects:


We already mentioned space-saving properties as essential for high-quality survival gear. After all, bug-out bags offer limited space, and every gadget should be as compact as possible. So, look at the dimensions to find a small-sized radio that will fit comfortably into any backpack.


Sturdiness and longevity are crucial for any outdoor gear, and the same goes for emergency radios. A well-built device will survive various challenges, including harsh weather and rugged terrain. Thus, check the materials and overall design to find a resilient radio that will become your lifelong companion on outdoor adventures.


When we find ourselves in times of crisis, the last thing we need is a complicated device with dozens of buttons and instructions manual. Instead, an intuitive and user-friendly gadget is a must-have. Thus, consider the usability and functionality of an emergency radio to find a device ready to assist at a moment’s notice.


In most cases, emergency radios come in a versatile package, i.e., the devices offer various functionality besides the actual radio transmission. For instance, many are paired with flashlights and phone-charging capabilities, while others include whistles, paracord bracelets, or flint fire starters.


When designing their solar-powered radio, Compass Culture opted for high-quality materials, making the radio as durable as they get. Primarily, the compact shape saves space in a bug-out bag, even allowing you to place the radio in an EDC pouch.

Although the Compass Culture emergency radio has a plastic body, it feels solid and resilient. The same goes for the antenna and the solar panel on the top of the device.

Thanks to oversized control knobs, users can easily adjust the volume. The band selection also offers hassle-free usage even while wearing gloves.


Most emergency radios offer various methods for charging, and the same applies to Compass Culture radio. Notably, this nifty gadget provides four options, ensuring you never run out of juice when out and about.

For example, solar power is one of the methods. Moreover, you can adjust the panel’s angle on the radio’s top to catch more sun rays.

Besides solar charging, which can be unreliable, the convenient Compass Culture radio offers a dynamo-like charging option. In other words, the sturdy hand crank on the side of the radio will add power to the 2000 mAh battery.

Finally, we should also mention that you can charge this emergency radio via a USB port or by inserting AAA batteries. Arguably, the hand-crank method instills the most confidence because it doesn’t rely on outside factors, only the power of your muscles.


Once the battery is ready to go, you can use this emergency ratio to stay connected on the go. This model features an AM/FM receiver, which accepts NOAA alerts.

As a result, users can listen to the news, learn about the weather, and stay in touch with others. Of course, emergency radios come into the spotlight during natural disasters and catastrophic events when it’s essential to receive accurate information and guidance. For that reason, Compass Culture hand crank solar radio should be an integral part of any bug-out bag in 2022.


We already mentioned that Compass Culture radio acts as a multi-tool because it comes equipped with several accessories.

To be precise, besides the actual AM/FM/NOAA radio, you’ll also get a durable paracord bracelet with a built-in compass. In addition, the bracelet features a magnesium flint fire starter and an emergency whistle.

If that’s not enough, we should also say that Compass Culture hand crank solar radio comes equipped with a flashlight with an SOS alarm option for emergencies. So, if you ever find yourself in a tight spot, this versatile survival device will provide maximum assistance. It even allows phone charging, given that the massive battery acts as a power bank.


If you are in the market for a dependable, portable radio for outdoor adventures, look no further than the affordable Compass Culture hand crank solar radio. At only $29.99, this model provides excellent value for money because it features several extra tools.

In other words, if you choose this radio, you’ll also get a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, and various other tools in a single package. Therefore, this radio could be an ideal investment for those interested in backpacking, hiking, or camping. In addition, we recommend adding it to your survival bag because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.