Key features:

  • Compact dome shape
  • Easy setup
  • Dark Room technology
  • Weather Tec system
  • Large Tent: 100 sq. Ft. Floor space

How many times did it happen that your family complained about the lack of space in the tent? Of course, disgruntled members can kill the mood and ruin your long-awaited adventure in the great outdoors. So, why not check out the features of the spacious Coleman Sundome 6-person tent?

As it turns out, this model is not only convenient and durable, but it comes with an affordable price tag as well. Here are the most prominent qualities of the Sundome tent.

Plenty of space

As the name says, Sundome can accommodate six people. With that said, five average-sized campers are an ideal measure for this tent. Either way, you should be able to place two queen-sized air beds inside of this model with ease.

To be precise, Coleman Sundome large tent will provide you with as much as 100 square feet of floor space. The tent is 6-feet high in the central area so you can move around without any problems. Plus, mesh storage pockets will help you stay organized during your camping expeditions.

Durable and waterproof

In essence, Coleman Sundome is a budget-friendly tent that does not provide an abundance of options. Nonetheless, this model comes equipped with all the features you would need on a camping trip. For instance, the tent is resilient and waterproof.

Weather Tec technology repels water and moisture through the use of several techniques. To name a few, we could mention the protected seams, covered zippers, as well as door awning. On top of that, welded corners will keep your family dry at all times. Also, the tent is wind-proof, and it can withstand gushes of wind of 35 MPH.

Dark Room technology

Depending on your preferred camping locations, the so-called Dark Room technology could be the selling point of this model. Why do we say this? Well, the name of this system is pretty much self-explanatory. In other words, the thick polyester material will block 90% of outside light once you close the door and windows.

As expected, this particular quality of the Sundome is a perfect option for campers who wander off to the prairie and other hot areas. The dark interior will also do the trick if you bring this tent to a music festival or some similar event. All in all, the key is to get some shut-eye, and Coleman Sundome will allow you to sleep for as long as you want.

Easy setup

Coleman Sundome might be a spacious unit, but you should have no problems with the setup. What’s more, the entire process should last about 10 minutes. The pin-and-ring system is convenient, and you only need to crisscross two snag-free poles. Also, you will need to attach the cover to the base.

And that’s about it. When it’s time to go back home, the expandable carry bag will allow you to pack the tent and shove in the back of the car.